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  1. I'm not afraid of traveling under COVID restrictions. We sailed the Panama Canal during flu season and actually had an outbreak on the ship (Princess). They handled it extremely well and we came back unscathed. Never went to the buffet, only used our cabin restroom and paid attention when out. If RCL sails...... we'll go. Not real sure about the comment that RCL will never cruise again. WOW!!!! Heavy. We were looking forward to this as a celebration for our granddaughters graduation from nursing school. Bunch of family going. Probably know a lot more by July and make a decision then. We were just looking for any possible insight. Thanks, BL
  2. I have to finalize ($$$) my cruise sometime in July or lose my deposit. Does anyone know if RCI will be back up by then? I'm wondering if we should just cancel our plans and eat the deposit rather than taking the chance of losing everything.
  3. We do have a suite and just purchased our drink packages. We are seasoned professionals and enjoy cruising. We're looking forward to the trip and most likely the Coronavirus scare will be over by then.
  4. This a multi-question post so hope it's not too complicated. My wife and I have only cruised Princess several times and one Carnival (Mexican Riviera cruise). First off we're spoiled to death now by having a suite on our Panama Canal trip last year. Like flying first class on an airline. It's tough to go back to coach. I figure it this way..... if you've got it. DO IT!!! People that want to scrimp and save, have at it. But live large if you can. It's fun. So for the first question: does anyone know if the same perks exist for suites on Royal Caribbean as Princess? i.e my wife is not clear on complementary laundry service. We had that on our Panama Canal cruise and didn't think we would even use it but we did and it was AWESOME!!! Our second concern (not really a concern but being prepared) the size of the ship: This is a mega ship, right? Much larger and likely more activity and longer lines for things? Any tips or suggestions to deal with that kind of thing? We are booked on Liberty because we're joining my son and his family to celebrate my granddaughters college graduation. We just want to get the vibe and any words of wisdom that may be out there. We're leaving from Galveston and have no clue on where to stay (or not stay) the night before. Anything ya'all got.... bring it. We would love to hear from you. We leave October 2020 Thank You
  5. The wife and I use those little springy bracelets with a hook on them. Wear it on your wrist or you can slip it up to your elbow to look really cool.. Have the card punched at hospitality. Kinda trendy if you ask me. And hooks on your bag or backpack pretty easily too. Lanyard are too long to do that. Can order on Amazon in different colors for super cheap. You've just graduated from the Geek Squad. Aloha!!!
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