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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I was not clear about the time frame to spend the FCC as I was making a point that I could sail by December 2022 so my apologies for the confusion. I had not read the part about the service charges being a part of the FCC but after reading just now I do see that. I did not think that would be included as 150% but if so even better. I appreciate you setting me straight on this.
  2. Sure, you could suppose a scenario for yourself to justify the refund as opposed to the FCC. It is a decision with which you must feel comfortable. In my situation I will be cruising again. Concerning future rates they could certainly increase as they will anyway but if one is flexible the deals will still be there. You will always have the port charges to pay. The FCC credit is for the base cruise fare. The port charges, taxes and service charges will be refunded in full. Our base cruise fare on the March 16 cruise was $2406 total for the two of us. We will receive $
  3. Our sailing was for the date of March 16 so we will get the 150% FCC. We know we will be cruising in the future so we will take the 150% cruise credit. 50% return on an investment is not a bad return if you choose to look at it in that light.
  4. The letter from a qualified medical person is required on sailings beginning March 16 according to the NCL rep I talked to.
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