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  1. Are the "J" cabins (i.e. inside) on Dolphin deck (level 1) the same size as those on the Main deck (level 2)? I am trying to decide between the 2 decks. I don't want a sideways cabin. thanks in advance!
  2. Regarding Horton Plaza (mall in downtown San Diego) - it is nearly abandoned. The only businesses left are: Macy's, Jimbo's (organic market), 24 Hour Fitness, and a post office. According to current plans, the mall will be "reimagined" as a mixed use development. However, between City delays and lawsuits from both Jimbo's and Macy's, the current plan won't be implemented until mid-2021 at the earliest (according to a presentation we attended last week). I suggest avoiding the area at night as it is plagued by the homeless. There is a large CVS on 4th and Broadway and a Ralph's (supermarket) on 1st and G. There are lots of restaurants along 4th and 5th Avenue, along with numerous clothing and other stores.
  3. We were on the 2019 World Cruise. We had many times when we were in the middle of the various ocean/seas and didn't have ANY internet connectivity. Satellites don't cover every square inch of the Earth.
  4. I've been very underwhelmed at the HAL fitness classes. As 7Seas wrote above, Yoga, Pilates, and Spinning have fees. The Pilates reformer on the 2019 World Cruise was a joke. It was missing half of the necessary components and was unusable. The "fitness" instructor was very over weight and not fit at all. I couldn't imagine taking a class from her. I would be at the gym in the afternoon and witnessed the "classes" she taught. She could barely demonstrate the moves at each station she set up. The class was only 25 minutes long. However, I did hear good things about her spin class. It was early in the morning so I never tried it. No one was allowed to use the spin bikes outside of class. That was disappointing. They took up quite a bit of room in the gym and were wasted 23 hours/day. I've been on other HAL cruises and while the fitness instructors were actually fit, the classes were very basic. The morning stretch class would be good for someone that is getting back to the gym after a very long absence. If you work out on your own at all, I think you'd be disappointed with the classes.
  5. I couldn't use the shower gel or moisturizer on the 2019 WC on the Amsterdam. The smell of the moisturizer was too strong for me (I prefer unscented products). The shower gel actually stung my skin. I had no problems using the bar soap they supplied. I used my own shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer.
  6. Yes, the renovation is expected to take over 1.5 years - probably more. I went to a presentation about it a few weeks ago. It will NOT be a mall with major shopping. It will be office space with "some" stores - mostly catering to the offices. They expect more service type stores, like dry cleaners, Postal Annex, Kinko, etc. They haven't announced any tenants yet.
  7. Horton Plaza is closed. There are only 2 stores left: Macy’s and Jimbos (organic supermarket). There is also a 24 Hour Fitness and post office. There are many hotels downtown, including 2 Westins, large Marriott and Hyatt. All are walkable to the Gaslamp district.
  8. Thanks for the info. I will check out the link. I already posted on another forum for both Israel and Jordan. I was curious to see if any cruise ship passengers have done it before. I know another couple that left the ship for several days on the 2019 WC to go to Israel for a week. I can't remember if they left from Oman or Jordan.
  9. I will be on a cruise that stops in Aqaba, Jordan and Haifa, Israel several days later. Since I have already been to Wadi Rum and Petra, I am considering leaving the ship in Aqaba and rejoin the ship in Haifa. Does anyone know if I can do this? I know I need to get permission from the cruise line to disembark and embark in another port (I've done it before). However, I have never crossed into another country to rejoin the ship. Are there any border/immigration issues that I need to be aware of in either Jordan or Israel? I want to spend several days going to the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Masada, and Haifa.
  10. Yes, we did 3 overland excursions on the 2019 WC and were charged the ship gratuities while we were off the ship.
  11. I was on the World Cruise 2019 on the Amsterdam. I brought my own color and DID get a discount on the service. Others on the WC did the same and everyone that I spoke with about the color, also got a discount.
  12. Quite slow and sporadic outages throughout the 2019 World Cruise on the Amsterdam. Completely unusable in mid Pacific and Atlantic as expected.
  13. Disembarked from the WC this morning. The Oasis isn't used. Such a shame as it looks like a great location for viewing g sail aways.
  14. You'd lose that bet 🙂 I'm on the WC and the 2 dogs and their owners are in an inside cabin. I don't know how many cruise days they have or if they are 4 or 5 star Mariners.
  15. The big box store rebate for Executive membership is a check that can only be used or cashed in at a store. Still, we get at least $4,000 back every year.
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