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  1. My DH and I did the 2019 WC. We did find some people had cliques. However, it didn't bother us at all. We found plenty of the repeat WC people to be friendly and inviting. We formed lasting friendships. And yes, there were a few people that felt entitled to a specific seat in the theater. I chose to not let that bother me. We sat in the same seats in the Lido for breakfast most days too as it was close to an outlet for my laptop (I worked on my blog after breakfast). If someone was there, I certainly wouldn't say anything to them. We sat elsewhere and moved to that table when it was available. The biggest "issue" was finding an open spot for crafts. If you want to do it on every sea day, you needed to get there very early to get a seat. So many people saved tables for their friends that it was difficult for others to find a seat for lunch.
  2. It is a longer distance to go from S. America to San Diego than to cut through the canal to Ft. Lauderdale. It was faster for them to go that way instead of coming to a port on the West coast. San Diego is further North than Florida.
  3. You can have a friend Fedex it to you via the port agent. We were on the World cruise and had to have a new credit card sent due to a fraud alert. We had the physical card, but the number was stolen and the bank contacted us. After a lot of convincing, we had the bank send a new card to a future overnight port (Sydney) to ensure we would get it. You will need to get the port agent info when you get on the ship. As other posted, you would likely have to Fedex it back to ensure it was received on time for the vote.
  4. That sounds like a lot of work! You must spend multiple hours/day working on your blog and all of the scanned docs, let alone sorting all your photos. Do you have cell coverage while you are on the cruise? I notice that you have used Uber on several occasions. I'm on Verizon and it's about $10/day for international coverage. Way to expensive for us to use in every port.
  5. Enjoying your blog. BTW the Captain spells his name "Jonathan" not "Jonathon." You can check out his blog here: http://captainjonathan.com/
  6. Pete - love your blog. I've been following it closely. Keep up the good work! What tools do you use to create your maps? I like the way you have labeled the various sites. Do you create the maps before you embark on the WC?
  7. On the 2019 HAL WC, the vast majority were doing the entire cruise. At one point, there were 1050 people on board. I believe <200 were doing segments (maybe it was 100?). I've been reading several 2020 blogs. Someone mentioned that the ship is completely full and there are 1200+ people on the ship. About 20 were doing segments.
  8. Pete - loving your blog and photos. When I was on the 2019 WC, I had a lot of trouble uploading my blog and photos. What tools do you use? Do you shrink your photos?
  9. Thanks Pete! I appreciate you taking the time to check it out for me. Love your blog. I read your 2018 blog prior to our 2019 HAL WC. It was very helpful.
  10. I followed your 2018 blog in preparation for our 2019 WC. It was very helpful. Reading this one since we're going again in 2020. Few questions if you don't mind: - what is the cost of the internet? We paid $799 for the premium package in 2019 (for 1 device at a time). - Is there still a custom pasta station in the Lido in the evening? We purchased the full photo package in 2019. The price was $380. I can't believe they raised it to $549. That's an insane increase!
  11. People complain about the lines in the Lido. Personally, I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes to be served, and a few minutes longer if I custom order something (like an omelet). The wait times to get food in the MDR are much longer. 1st you have to wait to be seated, then wait for a steward to come by to collect your order, then wait for the food to be prepared, and finally wait for the steward to bring it to your table. However, it is very nice to be waited on while seated at a table in the MDR. It's good to have choices.
  12. The MDR takes too long. I don't want to spend an hour in the dining room. In the Lido, I can get exactly what I want, cooked the way I want, and it's hot when I sit down. I have never waited more than a few minutes in line - even on busy port days.
  13. Are the "J" cabins (i.e. inside) on Dolphin deck (level 1) the same size as those on the Main deck (level 2)? I am trying to decide between the 2 decks. I don't want a sideways cabin. thanks in advance!
  14. Regarding Horton Plaza (mall in downtown San Diego) - it is nearly abandoned. The only businesses left are: Macy's, Jimbo's (organic market), 24 Hour Fitness, and a post office. According to current plans, the mall will be "reimagined" as a mixed use development. However, between City delays and lawsuits from both Jimbo's and Macy's, the current plan won't be implemented until mid-2021 at the earliest (according to a presentation we attended last week). I suggest avoiding the area at night as it is plagued by the homeless. There is a large CVS on 4th and Broadway and a Ralph's (supermarket) on 1st and G. There are lots of restaurants along 4th and 5th Avenue, along with numerous clothing and other stores.
  15. We were on the 2019 World Cruise. We had many times when we were in the middle of the various ocean/seas and didn't have ANY internet connectivity. Satellites don't cover every square inch of the Earth.
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