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  1. I volunteer at a local mass vaccination site. Everyone is required to be in "Observation" for 15 minutes. If they have had a reaction to a prior vaccine or certain other medical issues, they are put in Observation for 30 minutes.
  2. Other than my husband, I haven't seen any family member for over 16 months (only Zoom). No visiting with friends. Limited trips to the supermarket and Costco. We've been extremely cautious. Now that we are fully vaccinated, we have eaten in our 1st restaurant - outdoors only - and we kept our masks on until the food was served. Yes, it's been hard. But it was worth it to me to me to be safe. I put in the time and effort to get the vaccine. I felt very strongly that I would do WHATEVER I could to get the vaccine asap - legally and not lie about my eligibility. Not only was I trying to keep my
  3. So many have tried to help him but he keeps coming up with another excuse. He just wants to complain. I checked myturn yesterday and there were LOTS of appointments available at the Del Mar super site for 3/30 and 4/1. I let several friends know and they were able to book appointments!
  4. I worked at the Del Mar superstation on Thursday. They did over 2900 2nd doses that day (no 1st doses given). It was CRAZY busy!! They were closed on Wed, Fri, and Sat due to Pfizer shortages. At one point, they had to defrost and fill syringes from another batch of vaccines which took quite a bit of time. There were over 400 cars waiting. The lines filled the traffic chutes, out of the gate onto Jimmy Durante, and back to Via De La Valle. This was the 1st time I saw such long lines. An hour later, everyone was vaccinated and the lines were cleared.
  5. I was just trying to show my support for the OP. Sometimes people are uncomfortable confronting someone that is insulting them. I wanted them to know that this woman would back them up. And no, I've never heard that phrase.
  6. I hope you dance together on your next cruise - and all cruises going forward! If we are on the same ship, I would, on your behalf, be happy to confront anyone that gave you grief. I'm originally from Brooklyn and can be pretty tough!
  7. Only if the places the cruise visited are also mostly vaccinated and there are no limits on the cruise (i.e. masks on board, social distancing, cruise sponsored excursions, etc.). I'm not that desperate to go on a cruise. I want to, but it's not necessary.
  8. I have volunteered several times at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (Scripps) vaccine site - 5 miles south on Rt 101 from Encinitas. 500-1500 people get their shots there each day (depends on how many vaccines they receive). I am volunteering again there tomorrow and will continue to do so once or twice per week. The lines are typically quite short and the process is efficient. There was 1 day where the lines got very long and they modified the process the next day to help alleviate the situation. It's an easy drive up site. While it does take some patience and time to get an appointment o
  9. Try right now if you can for Del Mar Fairgrounds. Appts available 3/8
  10. MCRCruiser - Try right now if you can. There are appts available on 3/8!!
  11. Yes, Amsterdam and others have been sold. That's why I wrote "was on Amsterdam." I'm glad Mix is now Billboard Onboard on the Zaandam. We will have fun there on the next WC (whenever that will be!) I still consider Billboard Onboard a piano bar. There are piano players and a bar - LOL 🙂 They took requests some nights and we were all able to sing along with them. Not quite the same as Stryker, but fun nonetheless.
  12. There was a piano bar on the Amsterdam. Someone told me they use Mix on the Zaandam as a piano bar, but I haven't been on that ship yet. Other ships have Billboard Onboard which have 2 pianos. We've been on 2 ships and spent a lot of time in there, singing with the piano players. So much fun! They took requests on some nights. Other nights, there was a preplanned set list.
  13. There are HUNDREDS of appointments available at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on 3/1, 3/2, 3/3, and 3/4. You can sign up now. Here's a screen shot of the availability on 3/4 (every 5 minutes). I work there once or twice/week. I was there last Wed and a friend worked on Tues. They did 1500 vaccines on Tues. On Wed they did about 800. There were long waits on Tues but none on Wed.
  14. My inlaws live in Massachusetts. My FIL called last Monday and was able to book an appt for the next day at Gillette Stadium. They had no problems at all.
  15. You are correct! I should have been more specific. Everyone who is eligible, can get a FIRST vaccine. Lots of people are getting rescheduled for their 2nd Moderna shot. When they have them, Petco is ONLY doing 2nd vaccines for Moderna. They aren't taking any appointments for 1st Moderna shots. They need to prioritize those that need their 2nd Moderna to ensure that they get vaccinated within the required time frame.
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