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  1. Pete - Great drawing. I vaguely remember another post in the middle of each bed (right to left and top to bottom). I know I had an issue getting 1 of our suitcase under the bed because of another post. And I couldn't push the suitcase from 1 side of the bed all the way to the other bed. Also, there was a lip on the frame of the bed. The clearance underneath the mattress was ~1-2" higher than the lip on the frame. We were able to lift the bed a bit to get a higher suitcase underneath.
  2. HAL cancelled the 2022 World Cruise. They moved the itinerary to 2024 and changed the ship for 2023 and 2024 from the Zaandam to the Zuiderdam.
  3. Yeah, my husband doesn't care what kind of hairdryer he uses. I guess women are more picky 🙂 I've never seen anyone have their hairdryer confiscated. I did see a flat iron taken once. Those thinks get hot! My hairdryer has the GFCI plug. I don't know if they even make ones without it anymore.
  4. Passenger hairdryers are allowed. I bring mine all the time. I have curly hair and need a diffuser. The diffuser only fits on certain hairdryers so I always bring mine.
  5. There is no downstairs at Ralphs - other than a parking lot.
  6. There is also a large CVS on the corner of 5th and C. It's .5 miles from your hotel
  7. I should also state that we did 3 "free" HAL excursions that our TA gave us. We were underwhelmed by all. There was way too much time spent on buses, waiting for the hordes of HAL cruisers to get back to the bus/meet at the restaurant/bathroom breaks, and not enough time actually doing or seeing the sites we visited. We will likely skip most HAL tours in the future - even if free/included. We did buy 2 HAL tours that we liked: snorkel in Bora Bora and quad rental in Wellington, NZ. Both were smaller groups (I think there were 8 or 9 on the quads).
  8. I checked Quicken. For the 2019 HAL WC, we spent: $8255 for excursions -2 HAL and rest were independent including 3 overnight tours (2 with flights - Taj Mahal and Machu Picchu) $8510 for toiletries, car rental in FLL, cabs/Uber, drinks, wine package, 18 bottles of wine (purchased in FLL), corkage for those 18 bottles, 2 or 3 bottles of vodka, laundry, meals in ports and airports, souvenirs, snacks for cabin, lots of chocolate and ice cream in ports 🙂 ... $535 "extra" tips (our standard gratuities were included in our HAL price) $235 Visas $380 photo package (it was our 1st WC so we bought all the formal and port photos) $799 Internet package We had a $1300 OBC from our TA (plus a rebate of $2265 after we got home from the cruise) that we used towards those expenses. We used frequent flyer points for the flights and hotel. Plus we spent a few days in FLA with friends before the cruise. I didn't include cost of trip insurance since that is very dependent on the state you live in, your age, and price of the cruise. Hope this helps!
  9. On the Amsterdam (which is no longer in the fleet), the sofa was shorter than a sofa bed. Cabins that had a sofa, also had an end table with a built-in lamp. Cabins that had the sofa bed, didn't have the end table. The sofa was a large loveseat. The sofa bed was at least 6-7' long. I couldn't fully lay down on the sofa, but could fully recline on a sofa bed.
  10. I created a spreadsheet when the 2023 WC 1st opened for booking. Many of the Vista suites categories were sold out as was all of the Neptune suites. So I wasn't able to get pricing on them. I got pricing from the the big box store website and included their OBC (I believe it is now a gift card). HAL prices are very similar without the OBC. Other TAs have better pricing. These prices are for 2 people. Inside Cost OBC Net I $0 J $52,028 $4,135 $47,893 K $51,628 $4,110 $47,518 L $51,228 $4,060 $47,168 M $50,828 $4,015 $46,813 MM $0 N $0 Guarantee $0 Ocean Cost OBC Net C $70,628 $5,915 $64,713 D $69,628 $5,820 $63,808 DA $68,628 $5,725 $62,903 DD $0 E $66,428 $5,510 $60,918 EE $65,228 $5,390 $59,838 F $0 FF $59,428 $4,845 $54,583 G $58,628 $4,775 $53,853 H $57,828 $4,680 $53,148 HH $54,028 $4,325 $49,703 Guarantee $0 Balcony Cost OBC Net A $109,028 $9,550 $99,478 AA $107,028 $9,360 $97,668 B $104,028 $9,075 $94,953 BB n/a BC n/a Guarantee $0 Neptune Cost OBC Net SA $0 $0 SB $0 $0 Guarantee $0 $0
  11. We flew from San Diego to Boston last week for $170pp round trip, including all fees on American Airline. That’s less than half of what we usually pay. I was shocked that it was so cheap. Sometimes we’ve had to pay over $600pp! i also booked flights from San Diego to Albany and from Boston back to San Diego in July. Each one way flight was around $200-$250. I don’t think prices have gone up for the flights I booked. our round trip flights to Philadelphia in late Aug were in line with what we have previously paid, maybe slightly cheaper.
  12. It's my understanding that the IRS considers a "wash" transaction when you sell an investment for a loss and replace it with the same (or similar) investment 30 days before or after the sale. You can do it, but you can’t write off any investment loss on your Federal taxes. However, I'm not a CPA 🙂
  13. I volunteer at a local mass vaccination site. Everyone is required to be in "Observation" for 15 minutes. If they have had a reaction to a prior vaccine or certain other medical issues, they are put in Observation for 30 minutes.
  14. Other than my husband, I haven't seen any family member for over 16 months (only Zoom). No visiting with friends. Limited trips to the supermarket and Costco. We've been extremely cautious. Now that we are fully vaccinated, we have eaten in our 1st restaurant - outdoors only - and we kept our masks on until the food was served. Yes, it's been hard. But it was worth it to me to me to be safe. I put in the time and effort to get the vaccine. I felt very strongly that I would do WHATEVER I could to get the vaccine asap - legally and not lie about my eligibility. Not only was I trying to keep myself healthy, but I feel it is important to get the vaccine as soon as I could to help others around me. If I'm vaccinated, then the risk I could spread it to others is minimized - even if I'm masked and limit interactions. I am struggling to understand the OP. In one post he writes that he is "primarily housebound." In the other post, he is doing a land trip to the National Parks. If he is mobile enough to do a "land trip," I don't understand why he can't drive to a local vaccine site (or get a ride from a friend or family - or even Uber). He keeps complaining about the lack of supply. But when several others try to help him, he states that he "can't" go to that local facility to get a vaccine. Now, he claims he must get J&J, adding another barrier to getting vaccinated. Does he just want to keep complaining and bashing the county/state? The system isn't perfect. But over 1.5M people in San Diego have made considerable effort to get at least the 1st vaccine.
  15. So many have tried to help him but he keeps coming up with another excuse. He just wants to complain. I checked myturn yesterday and there were LOTS of appointments available at the Del Mar super site for 3/30 and 4/1. I let several friends know and they were able to book appointments!
  16. I worked at the Del Mar superstation on Thursday. They did over 2900 2nd doses that day (no 1st doses given). It was CRAZY busy!! They were closed on Wed, Fri, and Sat due to Pfizer shortages. At one point, they had to defrost and fill syringes from another batch of vaccines which took quite a bit of time. There were over 400 cars waiting. The lines filled the traffic chutes, out of the gate onto Jimmy Durante, and back to Via De La Valle. This was the 1st time I saw such long lines. An hour later, everyone was vaccinated and the lines were cleared.
  17. I was just trying to show my support for the OP. Sometimes people are uncomfortable confronting someone that is insulting them. I wanted them to know that this woman would back them up. And no, I've never heard that phrase.
  18. I hope you dance together on your next cruise - and all cruises going forward! If we are on the same ship, I would, on your behalf, be happy to confront anyone that gave you grief. I'm originally from Brooklyn and can be pretty tough!
  19. Only if the places the cruise visited are also mostly vaccinated and there are no limits on the cruise (i.e. masks on board, social distancing, cruise sponsored excursions, etc.). I'm not that desperate to go on a cruise. I want to, but it's not necessary.
  20. I have volunteered several times at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (Scripps) vaccine site - 5 miles south on Rt 101 from Encinitas. 500-1500 people get their shots there each day (depends on how many vaccines they receive). I am volunteering again there tomorrow and will continue to do so once or twice per week. The lines are typically quite short and the process is efficient. There was 1 day where the lines got very long and they modified the process the next day to help alleviate the situation. It's an easy drive up site. While it does take some patience and time to get an appointment online, thousands of people have done it over the 2 months (actually over 1M so far). Many thousands more have driven down to Petco and waiting up to 5 hours to get their vaccine (including many of my friends in Carlsbad and Carmel Valley). To them, it was worth the hassle. I guess to others, it's not worth the bit of work to get the shot. It's easier to stay home and complain that you can't get the vaccine and the government is to blame. BTW - I am not old enough to qualify yet. And Scripps doesn't guarantee to vaccinate all volunteers. At the end of the day, they might have 4-10 doses left. They give them to law enforcement volunteers first, and then by age. I'm hopeful it will happen for me soon.
  21. Try right now if you can for Del Mar Fairgrounds. Appts available 3/8
  22. MCRCruiser - Try right now if you can. There are appts available on 3/8!!
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