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  1. Anxiously looking forward to this review, as we are also getting on next week in San Juan down to the ABC's. First time on Celebrity as well, so I am interested to hear your thoughts.
  2. We did a full ABC tour in July when we were vacationing in Aruba, and it was fantastic. It's over pretty rough roads, so their 4 wheel drive vehicles may be the better choice. What made it great were the employees, however. It was clear they enjoyed their jobs, and enjoyed interacting with the tourists.
  3. Does Celebrity do anything onboard to acknowledge "Black Friday", or is just like any other day as far as the shops are concerned?
  4. We previously sailed on the Getaway in the Haven, and that was fantastic. However, the non Haven portions of the ship, and especially the pool area, were a complete madhouse. It may have been due to when we were traveling (in June), but the pool areas were completely packed, and it did not seem relaxing at all. In fact, we are going to give Celebrity a try over Thanksgiving, to see if it more our families "speed".
  5. It is the Superfoods on 1B near Eagle Beach. Great grocery store, and the bakery is fantastic.
  6. Is there anyone out there who was recently on the Summit that would be willing to post photos of the current wine list? Thanks so much.
  7. I would strongly urge you to rent a car if you want to snorkel in Aruba. We spent a week down there last month, and snorkeled every day. Get a car and drive up to Boca Catalina (and Arashi if it is not too windy). If the winds are calm, Mangol Halto to the south of Oranjasted is absolutely fantastic as well. With a car, you can hit both in a day, and you definitely don't need a jeep to do it.
  8. Sailed on NCL last year, and we are going on our first Celebrity cruise over Thanksgiving, after cancelling out a Thanksgiving trip on NCL. While there are a lot of things to like on NCL, there are a number of significant drawbacks. We stayed in the Haven, and loved that, but the rest of the ship was very crowded and somewhat out of control, especially on sea days. Most of the NCL ships are much higher capacity, and at the time, they were really pushing the drink packages, and it showed. One of the reasons we went on NCL was because of all of the activities on board (slides, ropes course, etc.), but they were closed a big chunk of the time. The specialty restaurants were kind of hit and miss, although the Haven was quite good, if a little limiting. I think if you are staying in the Haven it would be great, because they have really got the "ship within a ship" concept down, but on most of the public places in the ship, it feels very crowded.
  9. Finnrox

    Few questions

    Public parking at Eagle beach, and depending on the season, not very crowded. No idea on the flyboarding, but you do have to hit up the main office at Arikook in order to get access. Driving a jeep to the Natural Pool is hair-raising to say the least.
  10. Finnrox

    ABC Tours

    We did the Ultimate Island tour a couple of weeks ago and it is fantastic. Pretty much covers the entire island, including the National Park. Warning, however, you will take a beating in the back of those land rovers as they drive over the dirt roads in the park. We found it to be part of the fun, however.
  11. Unfortunately, you seem to be wholly unable to even consider the possibility that the changes are a net positive. Every post that you have made on this thread is completely negative, and you are correct, both you and I have the right to an opinion on this matter. I'm curious why you are even considering going on the Summit since you already hate it so much. If your wailing and gnashing of teeth over the refurb is going to bother you so much, you really should look at canceling out those reservations that cost a lot of money (as you continually point out), and find another ship to enjoy. Otherwise, I fear that you will be doomed to have a bad time, based solely on your preconceived notions based on grainy photos posted on a message board.
  12. We are on the Celebrity Summit in November and want to do a discover scuba/resort course while in Curacao. Does anyone have any recent recommendations for good dive shops, etc. to do such a trip?
  13. We are in the same position as you, trying out X for the first time after our last cruise on NCL in the Haven. While we loved the Haven on the Getaway, the rest of the ship was a nuthouse. It seemed that everyone there was attempting to see how much damage they could do on their "free" drink package, and the pool area was total chaos. Food outside of the Haven was just average in our opinion, and we ate at four specialty restaurants. We actually booked a trip for Thanksgiving 2019 on the Encore, then found a great deal on a sky suite on the revolutionized Summit that was actually cheaper than balcony on NCL and decided to switch. Our 13 year old son didn't think much of the NCL teen club, and was more interested in the excursions than the on-board slides, etc., so that made switching even easier. We also like the fact that the capacity is 1/2 of the Getaway.
  14. Now that is funny! It is amazing to me how so many people appear to be bound and determined to be upset about cosmetic changes and improvements, to the point where they want to cancel a cruise over it. If the absence of a coffee table or updated colors is going to ruin all of the enjoyment that a cruise is supposed to bring, then maybe everyone would be better off if you make the choice to cancel your cruise.
  15. But what sense does it make to lock down your opinion based upon a few low res pics of the refurbishment? If you still have the same opinion after cruising on the Revolutionized Summit that's great, but to go in with pre-conceived notions of how things are and how things are supposed to be is simply asking to be disappointed, which doesn't make any sense to me.
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