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  1. I think I read somewhere you can book future cruises while on-board, and get a good deal. Are the deals really that good or are they counting on the fact that they have a confined audience under the effects of alcohol?
  2. Thanks guys, I think I was able to change my prepaid grat to the bev package, I appreciate all your advice!!
  3. This is our first cruise so we are entirely unfamiliar with what you pay/dont pay for on the ship. We booked Aqua, with a deal for 150 pp in on board credit (For a total of 300) and also got a deal for prepaid gratuities. What do you suggest utilizing credit for? Can you use it at Casinos? Spa? Do we need to pay anything for food? Are all drinks free or only non-alcoholic? Neither of us are huge drinkers so I feel like a drink package may be too much for us. We may have a few drinks a day each. For reference Celebrity Infiniti 5 night Caribbean leaving Nov 24th
  4. Thanks guys. I didnt know of the app - just search "Celebrity" in app store? My ship is the Infiniti
  5. This is my first cruise, and I figured that there would be some kind of itinerary of shows and events taking place on the ship, yet i cannot find that information anywhere. Am I missing something? My cruise leaves Nov 24th so I assumed it would be up by now.
  6. Thanks, will they accept US Dollars or do I need to exchange first?
  7. Hi, I am on a Celebrity Cruise which docks a day in Cozumel from 7am - 6pm. I am looking at excursions on the Celebrity site, but am disappointed none of them list the departure/return times, only max length. We are hoping to find a fun short excursion that leaves us room to explore Cozumel ourselves and hopefully see some culture/less touristy spots. Any recommendations?
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