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  1. Sorry to hear about your health. While you may think that NCL is "soulless" this is standard practice for almost all cruise lines. This is why trip insurance is so important.
  2. We are sailing this special cruise for the first time. Although we have sailed with NCL many times. Looking for others who may be sailing on this cruise or has in the past. Can't wait to see Buddy Guy again and Joe B. Keeping blues alive. See you all in February.
  3. Being barefoot in the buffet, or no shirt! Drug/alcohol related! Violence of some sort. I have been on a couple cruises where people were arrested and escorted off the ship due to drug related offenses. One dummy was walking around the ship offering weed to passengers.
  4. 23 days until we sail Allure. This won't be our first time with Royal but will be our first Oasis class.I have been wanting sail and Oasis class ship since is debut. What are the "must dos?" We are primarily going for the ship, as that is destination in itself. We are only getting off the ship in San Juan. We plan to spend a lot of time our BW balcony people watching, in the solarium reading or drinking one of the many bars. Oh, and did I mention drinking? But seriously, what are some of your favs on the Allure? Happy cruising!
  5. I am not clear on the OP's issue. The nursery part confused me!
  6. We are sailing on Allure October 20th. The World Series starts on 10/22 will they. be showing that somewhere? Also, Monday night football Patriots/Jets? I was on Carnival during the WS a few years back and they had it on.
  7. If you booked through a travel agent..then the agent will have to call.
  8. Allianz has a missed port of call up to three ports! 100 dollars for the missed port of call.
  9. Hi- We sail on Allure in Oct. Our boarding time is 11:30. I am concerned about windjammer being crowded on embarkation day. I heard many stories about how crazy it gets. Are any of the main dining rooms open for lunch. It is my understanding that people with "The Key" have lunch in the dining room..but is it open for non-key guests as well? Thank you!
  10. It was $52 last night when I bought it. For us it works out in our favor. You can always cancel and re-purchase at the lower price.
  11. Every so often I will check for price drops..I happened to luck out with our upcoming cruise on the Allure. It dropped about 200 dollars. It was already a great price to begin with. The price has been going up, up, up and is now about 1500 more than what I paid. LOL!
  12. NCL was telling some people on an NCL cruise we were on that the cap was 15. But maybe because they wanted to use that as a reason to cut them off.
  13. NCL has the 15 drink cap as well. I don't plan to drink enough to get cut off. I have seen many get cut off and it wasn't pretty.
  14. HI all- We tend to drink more than normal while cruising. So we purchased the beverage package because it works out for us cost wise. On other cruise lines we have had the package cap out at 15 drinks in a 24 hour period. Is this so with RC? I think it would be rare for us to do 15 drinks..10 would be about the max over the course of the day. Beers go down really fast on the pool deck. LOL! Just curious. Happy cruising!
  15. You can make reservations for my time dining if you want to. I do it. One night at 7pm, one night 6:45 etc..Especially around show times.
  16. Exactly! Also, third party insurance is protecting you..cruise line insurance is protecting the cruise line.
  17. I have gotten two entrees in the MDR on my waiters suggestion.
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