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  1. Don’t ya love how they use the Australian dollars to make the offer look better?
  2. Got the offer... threw it away after I priced the airfare. Also had less fun play than I am offered for the normal premiers.
  3. I am supposed to have priority boarding and my appointment time was set at 4:30. I’d love to know what the earliest appointment is. When I called they were evasive would not tell me.
  4. I’m booked for a premier on the Magic in May. This will be my first one. Original offer on mailer in big bold print is for “casino cash” and more recent email from host says “fun play.” Fine print on the mailer said cash or fun play. I’m going to expect fun play and be pleasantly surprised if it is cash.
  5. Went on Star in 2012 and on Escape in 2018. Starboard both times.
  6. Yep... all in order and my apologies... her is the last one :)
  7. I was on this cruise and love the review! I have the dailies. Not sure what you are exactly looking for...
  8. Just got off Escape 9/9. Had reservation but did not pre-pay for excursions. Did that by calling in before sailing. Did not get credit on account until after I took the excursions.
  9. Just came off the Escape. Shore excursion credits were posted as described above. Took one, credit given that night. Only up to amount purchased if under your allowance. For example, I only got $45 credit for a beach excursion instead of the full $50 since the excursion only cost $45.
  10. Just came off the Escape this AM. Was a choppy last day at sea. Downright blustery. Could not use the pool or sundecks from Friday on. Not unsafe but things were rough on those prone to seasickness. Smooth sailing to all. At least she’s a beautiful ship!
  11. Not sure what technology you’re using but I had an issue trying to use iPad/iPhone to make reservations, etc on the site. Didn’t give options. Logged on with laptop and voila I got my show tickets easily online.
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