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  1. Sovereign of the Seas 1997... so sad to see her go to scrap!!!!
  2. I sailed Princess once... in 2016 on a 15 day Hawaii. Played in the casino but not every day and wasn’t a high roller when I did. I’ve had three free room offers from them since spring and it still surprises me when they come. The angle is that the payment is due and final when you book. The “free cruise” requires a deposit and taxes paid at booking. They give the deposit back if you sail as an OBC. Otherwise it is non-refundable. Maybe this new revenue stream is helping to fund the refunds?
  3. I had a casino offer... with nice free play offer... put deposit only, traveling as a solo. It was a 12 day transatlantic. Cancelled. Carnival says $600 PER STATEROOM... but would only give me $300 as a solo... but of course, they had charged me the same deposit as 2 people. They also took the free play away when I moved the FCC to the new sailing. Almost as good of a business practice as taking our money in seconds and taking 90 days to give it back.
  4. Got the same treatment on the first and second offers. Got a third offer last week that meets in the middle... free cabin, princess plus but still only a fraction of the original free play offer.
  5. Don’t ya love how they use the Australian dollars to make the offer look better?
  6. Got the offer... threw it away after I priced the airfare. Also had less fun play than I am offered for the normal premiers.
  7. I am supposed to have priority boarding and my appointment time was set at 4:30. I’d love to know what the earliest appointment is. When I called they were evasive would not tell me.
  8. I’m booked for a premier on the Magic in May. This will be my first one. Original offer on mailer in big bold print is for “casino cash” and more recent email from host says “fun play.” Fine print on the mailer said cash or fun play. I’m going to expect fun play and be pleasantly surprised if it is cash.
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