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  1. I see. I inferred you were talking about COVID. The vax is shown effect against the known variants so far, but who knows what the next virus is. Lets hope we have to wait another 100 years to find out.
  2. Are you saying there's been zero progress against the disease? There's plenty to prevent Diamond Princess from happening again. A vax requirement to start. Mandatory testing for another. testing hadn't even been developed when the DP broke out. I disagree with your assertion.
  3. Welcome all perspectives...hope we don't get flamed for hijacking the thread!
  4. Never: Carnival, and as we enjoy the occasional casino visit, Viking. Try: AMA. Gonna do our first river cruise July 2022. O was in this category until our 2019 TP, now it's an always. Always: O and now not quite always =X=. The whole keeping sure to be cancelled cruises on the schedule until after FP got very old. Squirrelly FCC awards left a bad taste as well.
  5. That may be a function of their itineraries. O only has 6 ships, and none is in the Caribbean during the summer anyway. I'm supposed to be on the Sirena TA in mid-October. Still hoping, but not making any plans for London yet as the cancellation policies at AirBNBs are not COVID friendly.
  6. Thanks for the support. My son is a Dawg, but we're all about inclusion!
  7. I just Googled it. SMH is Canadian for *****. Damn, you folks are polite. Although you didn't apologize.
  8. That's not entirely the case. The non-vaxed can ruin the cruise by being at greater risk of getting infected. Ports closed to the ship...cruise cut short. I'm not worried about getting sick as a vaxed person. I'm worried about the panic reaction to anyone found infected.
  9. Thanks so much for the info. Mission accomplished, thread title be damned! 🤩
  10. "Any help" implies I sought answers to my inquires. Not help on how to begin a thread. Such advice would be helpful indeed (in fact I've offered it myself) to someone new to the site who hadn't been on CC for 16 years with 1800+ posts.
  11. If not an anti-vax slant, certainly a libertarian one. The writer speaks of employers, the gov't and organizations having to give people a choice. I don't see where it specifically says businesses must given people a choice. In fact they already do. Those who choose not be vaccinated also chose to take their business elsewhere. The way I understand it, a libertarian believes his rights are not to be infringed, as long as he/she does not infringe others. There's always a risk we accept, but I have a right to cruise without unnecessary fear of my voyage being halted by a CO
  12. Thanks, Don. I guess I can see why. The crowding issue would present itself early and often.
  13. Very kind of you, and welcome! I'm so glad you clicked.
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