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  1. The headline is wrong. They are not in U.S. waters. They're within a day's sail of U.S., as explained in the body of the story. Another example of a headline writer not digesting the facts, or choosing (with an editor's blessing) to ignore them.
  2. This was final payment day for our 11/6 Equinox cruise. The good news is we paid it with FCC from our cancelled Silhouette 3/27/20 voyage. Our cruise friends sailing with us paid the $$. We don't expect to sail.
  3. Speaking of final payments: I'll be using FCC (Sillie March 2020) to make final next week on a Nov. 6 cruise on Equinox. I'm sure it will be cancelled. Since that FCC is part of the 125% they gave me on Sillie, may I assume they'll give me just 100% if they cancel again. No way they'll boost FCC that's already been boosted, correct?
  4. I certainly hope not, since we have Connie scheduled in 2021. She won't be Reved, but we'll still be dining in Luminae for the first time, and will enjoy Michael's. I like the current locker room anyway. The Rev will cut it in half.
  5. Here's the letter text: Our shared love of travel is what keeps us all looking forward. That’s why I’m happy to share with you some of what we’ve been working on over the past several months. As you can imagine, we’ve been focused on all aspects of our safe return to service with special emphasis on safety, security, and health. In this process, we immediately recognized the extreme complexity of the situation, so we assembled a blue-ribbon team of experts to advise us on the right approach.Our advisory panel consists of 11 experts, including physicians, scientists, and public health specialists—to name a few—who’ve been giving us guidance in raising our health and safety standards to entirely new levels. By using our ingenuity, our passion, our innovation, and with the valuable knowledge of these experts, we’re doing everything we can to ensure we’re taking the proper steps to address our future.It’s tempting to talk about all the individual components of how things will change for us; however, we're still defining all those enhancements with the guidance of our expert advisors. We will not rush this work, and it’s no exaggeration to say that we continue to work on it around the clock.I look forward to sharing more with you about our healthy return to service soon. In the meantime, I invite you to visit our website where you’ll find detailed information on each member of our advisory panel and learn more about our determination in exceeding the expectations of travel within our new world.We are resilient, and we will come back strong—not by mimicking what we used to do but by innovating as we’ve always done.
  6. It doesn't say much, but it does introduce their team of experts. https://www.celebritycruises.com/health-and-safety?allowMobile=y&ecid=em_23050026&rid=210425466&mes=Celebrity LLP Advisory Letter NONCC Jul 2020 EM&emsc=CPR_NAN_NAN_NAN_NAN_USA_GA_0_NAN&empf=&emct=&lnkid=ADVISORY
  7. We will be in the UK 10/21 for a TA on Oceania. Nowhere near Newcastle but perhaps fate will intercede.
  8. We were on Connie in 2012. We toured Grenada together with Chris's Taxi. We met on the rollcall and we gave you a Tide Pen, as you had never had one before. Lysle had that very dapper white blazer and a ruffled shirt right out of Sgt. Pepper. Jim and Marie from Georgia, USA.
  9. Hello Elaine! Lovely to see you back on Cruise Critic. Is Lyle well? (Sorry if I misspelled his name!)
  10. My FCC from the March 27 Sillie that was cancelled is several hundred dollars more an I anticipated. They are holding my money...so I consider it a fair trade off.
  11. I don't see a used vessel out there that appeals. Buying R class was one thing. Ancient Fantasy class are just that...ancient. Potential M class from Celebrity or Vision class from RCL are too big. IMHO.
  12. Despite the website "COVID 19 Update" not being updated on the =X= website, I did notice today that your EQ 9/25 was the first Ft. Lauderdale sailing scheduled. We are scheduled for 11/6. Final pay in 5 weeks. Still hoping protocols will make it a fun cruise. I know my fellow Georgian, the OP is dead set against wearing a mask. Puts the final payment in doubt for sure.
  13. If RCL had any exposure, they'd have to file a disclosure with the SEC. There's been nothing since disclosing their latest financing deal. I've heard zip about anyone not getting paid.
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