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  1. Just got off the epic this past saturday. Had a towel animal and turn down every night. He was fantastic.
  2. Just off the Epic. waiters wont bring you drinks in the hot tub/pools but wont take your drink/kick you out if you bring your own.
  3. We are now staying in tortola tomorrow until midnight due to "expected maintenance" I have the jvd excursion booked already but I'll be back by 1. What can I do the rest of the day? Another beach might be fun. Good place for dinner (Lobster?) Any other suggestions? Time is of the essence lol. Thx all
  4. Arriving at my Orlando Hotel tomorrow night. Was going to do Cortrans originally but they went too late for my liking. Shoul I uber or Taxi? Any other options? Also on the way back our flight isn't until 345, anything interesting to do near there or a good place to eat? Thanks all!
  5. Yea I know they appear on St Thomas in waves so it will be hit or miss. Just have to hope I get lucky as I know a couple friends who have found them but it was a couple years ago. Thanks everyone.
  6. I am looking for things such as blantons straight from the barrel and gold which are not available in the US. There are also scotches and rums only found outside the US. These are what I will be searching for, I am not looking just to save a few bucks on things i can find back home. Appreciate the feedback.
  7. I have asked this question in the St Thomas forum but haven't received a response and leave in 3 days :). I am looking to buy some fine rums and bourbon/whiskeys sold only outside the US. What are the best places to do so, even if not right near the pier? Id like to do a beach for a couple hours then go shopping for these items on the way back. I am on the Epic from 7-2. I have searched back on the forums, but nothing too recent showed up. Thanks!
  8. I went thru and read some of the older posts, but checking in on the current conditions/places to go. I am mainly interested in whiskeys/rums. Closer to Havensight the better but I am not afraid to go a bit out of the way for better selection. Any advice out there? Thanks all!
  9. I am on Saturday as well. Cannot wait!
  10. Where is the best are to find shopping for alcohol such as rum/bourbon? There are certain bourbons only found outside the US etc and also interested in finding maybe some Havana club or other finer rums. Thanks!
  11. Wife and i. Probably going to taxi to a beach (close but not insanely crowded) and want to shop for some things (downtown?) if you can help with that I'd be extremely grateful!!
  12. I'm going to book the skyride. If I can't use them is no big deal. Thx all
  13. 2 in a row, hope next week is the 3rd as i really want that beach day!!
  14. My plastic straws are packed and ready to go for my cruise Saturday!
  15. Is sign up where I sign up for dinners and such as well or is there another place I have to go? So many areas I dont know where to go for what anymore lol
  16. In port from 8-6 on the NCL Epic, doing the JVD excursion with Rebel Yell. Once we return from the excursion is there anything near port we should do or explore? Is there a beach we can just hang out at and swim? Excursion starts at 915 so guessing we are back around 215? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  17. This = exactly correct. Who cares how you get to the number...what is the best number for what you want and go from there.
  18. Sorry I cant figure out how to edit this lol. Basically I am asking if I should book the excursion so I can get off the ship faster as I would have a ship excursion booked. Does that matter if it is a non-tender port? Thanks
  19. I have the 50 dollar excursion credit, but there isnt really one i want to book. Should i book the skyride excursion at $21 pp just to get off the ship faster as it wouldnt cost me anything? Thoughts?
  20. My biggest fear is this happening on our cruise next week. We are on the Epic and GSC is the last day of the cruise so it would really be a bummer to have 5 at sea days. I researched the heck out of the cruise but did not see that was such a high probability until recently 😞
  21. to piggyback on this post- coming on ncl only there from 7-2. want to hit a beach and do a bit of shopping. Which beach would be easiest to hit for a few hours before shopping for an hour or 2? Thanks :)
  22. ILL CHECK THE DECK PLAN. Thanks for responding!
  23. more to come? I leave the 13th with same itinerary, so thankful you are doing this!
  24. does anyone know if a port gets cancelled do they allow you to use the port credit any otherway? I am guessing no but figured I would check.
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