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  1. Is it safe to say that the Escape Room is sold out for my sailing if it’s not showing up in the cruise planner?
  2. We are going to Coco Cay and Nassau in April. We would like to do a water park but are unsure which is the best option. We have been to Atlantis before and absolutely love it! However, the price for our cruise is $190. That’s about $90 more than it was last time we went. We haven’t been to Coco Cay since the addition of the water park. Anyone out there that’s done both have a preference? Also any insight on the Coco Cay waterpark would be greatly appreciated.
  3. We went in late February a few years ago. It was chilly, windy, and choppy. Almost didn’t stop and waited about an hour and captain finally cleared for us to go. There was another bigger ship that came and went not stopping. When we got to the beach we wanted to snorkel. It’s was cloudy and made the water feel a lot colder than it was. We tried snorkeling anyways but didn’t see much and it was really exhausting swimming in choppy water like that. We relaxed on the beach the rest of the day and it was so relaxing and beautiful. I probably wouldn’t book anything with stops in the Bahamas in February again. There is a chance of it being cold and windy that time of year. We loved that trip anyways and I wouldn’t worry too much about it if I was going right now. Have fun and enjoy your vacation.
  4. We were wondering the same thing. We went before renovations and brought our own equipment. I was a little worried but they let us snorkel. The employee on the beach said the excursion is basically charging for the equipment and some instructions for non experienced snorklers. It was February and chilly the last time we went and didn’t see hardly any fish because the water was so choppy. In fact we are very experienced snorkeling and I would say that the water that day was some of the hardest I have ever swam in. Let’s hope for warm weather and calm seas on our next visit in April. Excited to see what they have done with the island since we last visited.
  5. That’s one port I wouldn’t never skip. It’s beautiful,relaxing, and quiet. We also were there on Oasis and the island is very spacious, it never felt crowded at all.
  6. Hi! So I have read most of your reviews over the years and I think that you and your family have similar tastes in snorkeling and beach days as we do. In your honest opinion which place in Costa Maya did you enjoyed the most? Thanks so much! P.S my favorite review of yours was the one where your oldest daughter tried buying a pet monkey! Great reading 😀😀
  7. Hi we are going in October as well and would love to find a place to snorkel.
  8. So I booked kind of last minute today for a cruise October 9th. Do you think they still may offer a chance to bid even though it’s in less than a month? Just curious if anyone has had experienced that happening.
  9. The same thing happens when you book a cruise through RCI website. It stated 7 nights from 499 but I couldn’t find a single date where that was the price. It’s just what these companies do.
  10. I bought a bunch of sanitizer for our Sunday cruise. I’m sad to hear it doesn’t defend against Noro.
  11. See you on Sunday, glad your feeling better! That is a major fear for me, getting sick while on vacation. Hopefully this cruise will make it up to you guys.
  12. That’s good to know! Thanks for the info, we are leaving Sunday on Oasis.
  13. Thanks for sharing! I actually love reading reviews that are mostly text. Enjoy planning your next cruise, that’s one of my favorite things to do.
  14. My printer is broken! Is it okay to screen shot my set sail pass and use that at the port? Sailing on Sunday and won’t have time to fix my printer before that. Tia
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