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  1. A cruise that I paid in full entirely with gift cards was just cancelled. I opted for the refund, which will be through issuance of new gift cards. I felt that with all the fine print about what FCC can't be used for, it would not be worth the aggravation. With that said, once I received the refunded gift cards, I plan on using it to pay for the next cruise in full when I book it. I also plan on purchasing third party trip insurance that covers financial default in case Carnival, itself, succumbs.
  2. I'm watching for the post from the disappointed Saudi's who thought owning 43 million shares would give them more than $100 shareholder OBC 😂
  3. The upgrade fairy just called!! I was offered a balcony for $1000 more and I grabbed it. Did I make the right choice? (I'm having way too much fun with this thread)
  4. Please post back with what you find out - I'm very curious
  5. Another reason I'll never cruise Carnival again... cabin cleaning service only once a day!
  6. I'm just guessing here - but Carnival has plenty of time to cancel the later Radiance cruises... They are probably delaying the announcements to "flatten the curve" of the pounding that their customer service reps are getting right now for immediate cancellations.
  7. Quality is going downhill. They ruined my vacation.
  8. I also don't remember if it is okay to bring a friend with me to the platinum/diamond reception, even if they only have a red card
  9. At least 4 of those chocolate sea salt cookies!!!
  10. Not a problem. You do need to pack your bags, but the room steward will get them moved to your new room. They will not be taken off the ship. Just let your room steward knew early on.
  11. Anyone know if it's possible to purchase excursions in advance and applying OBC? RC allows this on through their cruise planner. Not worth waiting on the phone to ask Carnival. If we wait until we're onboard to book excursions, it's possible our choices and timeslots would not be available. If we book in advance and pay with credit card, the extra OBC we've accumulated from ES credits don't all get used. Ugh, first world problems... ☺️
  12. Platinum was at 9:30. See attached photo for all others
  13. If I understand the OP concern - they paid for two gty rooms, then were consolidated into 1 gty for the same price. Doesn’t hurt to call back and see if they would toss in a little OBC. Not likely they would offer anything, however.
  14. Ok, I think all perspectives have been heard loud and clear. People are not going to change their minds, and they don't have to. Can we move on? If people on these boards took their passion onboard, there would be a lot of brawls at the CC Meet and Greet.
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