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  1. Woo hoo! Received full refund today for request made on Apr 1... Total time to receive credit card and gift card refund was 215 days. Now I have money to put down on the next cruise that will be cancelled and the waiting game will start again. 🙂
  2. Only if they waive the steakhouse charge, guarantee deck chairs, bring back pillow chocolates, give a special commemorative covid Platinum gift, and don't go to Nassau.
  3. ...and I am still waiting for the refund that was requested April 1. 6 months, 1 week. I've been calling and pestering every week now. I wonder if they are now holding it back out of spite.
  4. It's been about 5 1/2 months since we requested a refund. The TA isn't able to get a straight answer on why the delay or how much longer. Carnival won't talk to me directly. Tried the credit card dispute thing, but that's not going anywhere either - most of the refund is gift cards anyway. I'm pretty much at wit's end. Anyone try a legal route? I just don't want to pay a lawyer too. Will small claims court work?
  5. And meanwhile, my Sept cruise was cancelled Apr 1 and I still haven’t received a penny of my refund... :-(
  6. All they need is a couple of hand sanitzer dispensers in every elevator area. Bam! Problem solved. 🙂 In all seriousness, you're probably more likely to catch the virus just breathing in the elevator. An attendant can't help there.
  7. Apparently 90 days only starts from when Carnival processes your refund request. They confirmed to me that although I submitted my RF request on Apr 1, they didn't process it until Apr 27. The 90 day clock starts then...that is garbage.
  8. Thanks for the replies - will keep checking the CC. 101 days down... unknown days to go...
  9. For those who have received refunds, did you get any type of email or notification that the refund was issued? Or did you find out by noticing the credit on your credit card or when new gift cards pleasantly showed up in your mail?
  10. 1. FttF 2. No more disgusting tablecloths 3. Free bottle of wine promo in the steak house ;-P
  11. A cruise that I paid in full entirely with gift cards was just cancelled. I opted for the refund, which will be through issuance of new gift cards. I felt that with all the fine print about what FCC can't be used for, it would not be worth the aggravation. With that said, once I received the refunded gift cards, I plan on using it to pay for the next cruise in full when I book it. I also plan on purchasing third party trip insurance that covers financial default in case Carnival, itself, succumbs.
  12. I'm watching for the post from the disappointed Saudi's who thought owning 43 million shares would give them more than $100 shareholder OBC 😂
  13. The upgrade fairy just called!! I was offered a balcony for $1000 more and I grabbed it. Did I make the right choice? (I'm having way too much fun with this thread)
  14. Please post back with what you find out - I'm very curious
  15. Another reason I'll never cruise Carnival again... cabin cleaning service only once a day!
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