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  1. Ok, I think all perspectives have been heard loud and clear. People are not going to change their minds, and they don't have to. Can we move on? If people on these boards took their passion onboard, there would be a lot of brawls at the CC Meet and Greet.
  2. Any drink in the coconut monkey... you think you're paying $20 for a large drink, then you open it and there's a small plastic cup inside.
  3. In the steakhouse, they gave us each a complementary glass of champaign for our anniversary.
  4. The cruise line really makes their profits from revenue generated while you are ON the ship (photos, drinks, specialty restaurants, daily gratuities, etc.). It makes sense that loyalty points are awarded for days sailed. (just kidding about daily gratuities LOL)
  5. Tony’s Di Napoli is the best!! (It’s 43rd St)
  6. I dunno - maybe because I have a sense of humor and understand sarcasm.
  7. I believe robc was kidding. Lighten up, Francis.
  8. I don't think I would survive the muster drill...
  9. Ah. 🙂 We always manage to pick the rainiest days to leave on cruises. There’s never many people on deck during our sail away down pour.
  10. Booked a Jan 2020 sailing on Anthem. Have not yet seen a BOGO dining offer yet. Is that something that would be offered closer to cruise time? Or is it possible it wouldn’t even be offered on this sailing?
  11. Or just go up to the Lido or Sun decks and see it all!
  12. We use the packing cubes because it allows us to go through the entire cruise without unpacking the luggage (other than the toiletries and a couple of items that are hung on hangers). Each morning, I slide the luggage out from under the bed, and quickly locate and pull out what I need for the day. Everything else remains neatly folded and organized until needed. We used to use giant zip lock bags for this, but they tear and it’s sometimes difficult to just pull out one thing neatly. Dirty clothes just gets put into a giant plastic lawn and leaf bag that is also under the bed. At the end of the cruise when the packing cubes are empty, the bag of dirty laundry is just stuffed back into the suitcase. Easy peasy. We no longer spend a lot of vacay time unpacking and packing like we used to do.
  13. Lido for food... lugging around all our carry-on crap! Once we woofed down a Guys burger, an iguana taco or two, and a plateful of hot buffet food, we grab new dinner plates and make pigs of ourselves with the fancy desserts. Then, a stroll through the sliding glass doors to grab a Frog Island Iced Tea. *Now* we feel like we’re on vacation.
  14. The steakhouse had those Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes that were good enough to eat as a dessert. mmmmmmmmmmm
  15. We stayed here - thought it was awesome https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/yvrwi-the-westin-bayshore-vancouver/?scid=bb1a189a-fec3-4d19-a255-54ba596febe2 Edit - ok, apparently it is no longer decently priced. We stayed there in 2012 and payed a much more reasonable price.
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