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  1. Yikes... Our GC refunds have taken 3-7 months. Don’t know if they got better recently. They also came fedex, not normal postal mail. Good luck. The trick is to call customer service regularly. The PVP won’t be much help.
  2. We are arriving in Galveston a few days before our cruise. I’m looking for discount coupons for some of the area attractions. Can anyone recommend a better link than https://www.galvestonislandpass.com?
  3. How did he do that without Waze or Google Maps? 🙂
  4. The worst part of having multiple cruises booked is the crazy time wasted doing weekly mock bookings in search for that occasional $60 price drop.
  5. I had the same issue. Here’s the deal... If you are not an Allstate policy holder, the only way to create a Drivewise/rewards account is through the app. From there, you select the option to create a “Drivewise only account”. If you created the account from the Allstate website, it creates kind of a “zombie” account, which is absolutely useless. It’s not quite a policy holder account and not quite a drivewise account. Worse yet, it can’t be fixed. If you try to create a new account, they take your phone num and email and match it back to the useless zombie account, making you more fr
  6. It’s kinda funny how watching port webcams is like catnip to us cruisers.... But when I mention port cams to non-cruising friends or family, I’m advised to get a life.
  7. Just for the heck of it, I just went to eBay to see what people are selling the VIFP luggage tags for. I didn’t see any, but there sure are a lot of folks selling those numbered debarkation luggage tags. Shoot! I think of all those low number tags that we threw away because we usually carry off our luggage... I could have sold them and paid for a cheers package LOL
  8. So can you really make advanced reservations for a specific time with YTD? Or is this more like “Call ahead” check-in to get your name on a waiting list before you’re ready to head over to the MDR?
  9. You actually don’t need the Hub app. Just connect your phone or tablet to the ship WiFi and go to this URL: http://fhma.cclfunhub.com/~/media/files/documents/funtimes.pdf.
  10. I also keep them as souvenirs of our trips. But most importantly, these have resolved many $20 bets in our family that usually start with “Hey, we’ve seen this horrible comedian hypnotist before.” Once you leave the ship, the Hub App is absolutely useless for saving memories. On recent cruises, you were able to download them as a daily PDF file - I hope that’s still possible.
  11. Frig that... Guys burger first.... then muster checkin... 😁
  12. Ha! I’ll bet that placement ain’t a coincidence.
  13. Thanks, Teknoge3k. Wish it were that simple. Been there. Done that. Cleared cookies. Used Incognito/private, tried Chrome, Edge, and Safari. This is actually a problem that a couple of relatives are currently experiencing. I’ve been using the DW rewards program for years to get Carnival GCs and also have never been a customer. Thanks to this thread, I have accumulated enough points that they can probably buy their GC from my acct 🙂
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