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  1. I don't get the partnership thing.... what's different than the way it worked before where anyone contacts quest for a testing appt? Or is it Carnival gets a commission for every quest test that is done when you mention "Carnival"?
  2. This is an interesting article on how Carnival targets emails. It doesn’t go into booking promotions, but it it probably isn’t much different. https://explore.reallygoodemails.com/how-carnival-cruise-line-uses-their-data-to-optimize-email-85ed23f1751a?gi=583a5de5812a
  3. What’s everyone’s opinion of the main dining room servers singing and dancing during dinner? 🙂 Love it? ☹️ Hate it?
  4. In my experience, they‘ll work with you to fix it. Pricing may not be the same though. Good luck.
  5. I have not had the same experience with the sugar straws… On the last cruise, I’ve had at least 1 mocha frappe each day, which came with the chocolate straw.. The straw outlasted the drink every time. Never fell apart or dissolved. Maybe with frozen drinks, they last longer? I kinda liked eating the straw afterwards… tasted like those chocolate Necco wafers.
  6. Not sure if this is new or if I just never realized it before, but the lunch-time buffet on the Vista had nice pre-prepared salad bowls. So at least for that, you didn’t need to touch the community serving utensils. And it was a great side to balance the Guys burger and fries.
  7. You can access the survey from a link on the Carnival website: Post Cruise Guest Satisfaction Survey | Carnival Cruise Line
  8. You’ll pretty much get out of it what you expect to. If you hate wearing masks going to the stores today, you will probably hate wearing masks onboard. If mask wearing really doesn’t bother you much today, it won’t ruin your cruise either. if the weather cooperates and you spend a lot of time out on deck during the day, those hours are mask free. We had a very enjoyable cruise, even with a mask. So much so that we just booked another for this year. YMMV The worst part really was the pre-cruise testing dance.
  9. If you don’t get a survey link after you cruise, you can access the survey from their website: https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1371/~/post-cruise-guest-satisfaction-survey
  10. Pride is one of our favorites also. Hard to believe she’ll be 20 this year.
  11. Sure, it’s possible - They have a few non-cruise back drops. An 8x10 print was about $22. I don’t recall the cost of an 11x14.
  12. My favorite port day breakfast in the main dining room… Broken Egg Sandwich with triple bacon. Had it 3 consecutive days last week.
  13. This is correct. If you are not a policy holder, the only way to fix is to call and have the account DELETED, then recreate the account with the app and not the web. Creating an account on the web creates the wrong kind of account, which won’t work with drivewise. You just end up going in circles.
  14. Probably best to contact your hotel. Even if it’s possible to get a delivery there, giving them a heads-up will help ensure they keep an eye out for it.
  15. No going to crowded location. Just show up to your muster location as soon as you can to get checked. It took us about 5 mins and there was hardly anyone else there. This is by far the best thing that came out of the new protocols!
  16. I avoid calling at all costs, as the repetitive hold recording is like fingernails scraping on a blackboard to me…. “What does VIFP in the VIFP Club stand for? Very Intelligent Funky Parrot? Voluptuous Intriguing Frantic Penguin? Wrong. It stands for Very Important Fun Person. You know - Fun Person. Like you.”
  17. We got the the Galveston port a few mins before 10 for a 10:00-10:30 check-in time (Uber was quicker than anticipated) We were shocked at the huge crowd (probably hundreds) already on the line. As we zig-zagged, we also notice several people ahead of us holding boarding passes with check in times after 11:00. It took about 50 mins to get through the security and check-in process until we got to sit down in the waiting area. Apparently everyone was just as anxious to get off the ship. We headed to the P&D priority disembarkation point (dining room) at 8am per the notice left in our room. When we got there at 8, it was jammed packed full - just about every seat taken. These experiences just drive the mindset that you must get there much earlier.
  18. I should have put my post in quotes. Those are things I always hear people say. I was not insinuating that what I posted was factual. Hence the sad part
  19. 8/28-9/4 Vista sailed with 2533 passengers. (according to CD)
  20. Great photos… Thanks for buying the WiFi package so you can take us along. Feel like I’m there.
  21. Won mostly on trivia. someone tell me… Are multiple called: Ships on sticks? Ships on a stick? Ship on a Sticks?
  22. Got it. Funny - in all our cruises, I actually never realized that. Thanks.
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