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  1. :eek::rolleyes:I'm April 28th on the Gem and I'm checking every 20 mins or so.
  2. Still in "Pending" status for the Gem 4/28 sailing. 6 days out and nuthin! [emoji30][emoji30][emoji30]
  3. lee122

    NCL Gem Disembarking

    There is so much traffic and construction going on at LGA. Some terminals aren't even accessible unless you take a bus transfer to get to them. Last week, a big truck couldn't swing a tight turn, and I was stuck for a while (maybe 15 mins) as they pulled forward and back trying to cut it. Definitely a good call going with the later flight! You made the right choice [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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    Question for recent Gem cruisers...

    Thanks so much!
  5. lee122

    Question for recent Gem cruisers...

    Awesome! Sounds like your cruise was a blast! Thanks so much for the information. :)
  6. Wondering if the White Hot Party is still a thing on the Gem 7-day sailing? We depart 4/28. My guy doesn't do white. :rolleyes::rolleyes: He's more of a black t-shirt and jeans guy. If I buy him white stuff, he'll wear it to make me happy, but if there's no party, there's no point.
  7. Hi there, I'm in the same situation. Care to share how much you bid? I bid $120. Haven't heard yet; my sailing is still 50+ days out. Thanks for the help!