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  1. Thanks for the reply 💕 Website Improvement? Sounds like a downgrade to me. Now needing to use our precious vacation time to wait in line signing up for waivers.
  2. For many years when doing online cruise check-in I have been able to sign cruise waivers for ship activities like zip line, rock wall, ice skating, and FloRider Surfing at Sea. I just checked in on line for a November cruise and nowhere could I find the waivers for signing. Were those removed? Do you not need to sign waivers anymore? Maybe I’m not looking in the right spot. Thanks in advance for any info.
  3. I’ve been around for many years, but when Cruise Critic changed the way these boards were I can’t figure out how to navigate them. I was hoping to find a way to check a topic that had been updated for years. Current C.D.’s in the Royal Caribbean forum. Im wanting to know who will be on the Allure for the November 10th sailing this 2019 year? Also wanted to see if anyone knows what nights are formal on this Eastern Caribbean sailing, who will be playing in the piano bar, and lastly what or who is our Headliner Show? Thanks for all info!
  4. Has anyone done an All-Inclusive in St. Kitts that they would like to recommend?
  5. Is there anything out of the ordinary to do in St. Kitts? OR...... Is there a nice All- Inclusive on a great beach anyone could recommend? Any St. Kitts must - do’s?
  6. I am debating whether or not to buy myself a refreshment beverage package. I love frozen foo-foo drinks but I’m going to be forgoing alcohol. Are the frozen drinks already pre made with the booze or do they add the booze to the slushy stuff at the end where as you could have say a frozen virgin pina colada or frozen virgin mudslide? Would these be included on the refreshment package if the drinks are made without alcohol?
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