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  1. I had a question about the concierge desk so I thought I might add it to this discussion incase anyone could answer it. I emailed the concierge desk 10days ago for our cruise in January, and haven't heard anything back. How long does that normally take or do they even email you back ? Our last cruise 2yrs ago we called the desk and really didn't have any luck as nothing was really done when we got to our suite that we had requested. I had read that sometimes you had better luck emailing them but haven't heard back.
  2. Hi everyone.. a few questions on the dinning on the Getaway. I know they have the specialty restaurants but there are others that weren't listed has specialty but there was a cost listed. I heard a few different things so I'm a little confused. I listed my questions below. Traveling on the Getaway in January. 1. If you have the UDP can you use that at Ocean Blue or at the dinner and show places? 2. Can Haven guests eat lunch at Margaritaville at no upcharge? 3. Are the drinks included at Margaritaville with your UBP? 4.If you already have 3 nights of UDP is it worth it to get the additional 3 if you can use them at the dinner and show or Ocean blue? 5. Is the lunch and dinner menu the same in the Haven restaurant? I saw a post that showed Haven menu's but it didn't looked like there was a different one for dinner. Thank you for your help !!
  3. My husband surprised me and upgraded us to a Haven forward suite. Very excited! but I have a few questions. I know we get special boarding. We are traveling with my parents who are in their 70’s. Would they be allowed to check in with us? Can they come to the haven bar or dinning room if we pay extra for that night? would they allow us to take them and let them look around say if it was a port day and not many people on the haven area?
  4. My husband and I are planning a cruise and he wants to book in the Haven. We are looking at the Getaway ship. My sister and her husband don't want to spend the money to be in Haven. Who else has traveled in Haven and had family not? My thoughts are that I wouldn't take advantage of all the perks since we are traveling with other people. IF you are in Haven can family pay a fee (I thought I read that somewhere) and go to the dinning area with you? I understand that they wouldn't be allowed on the pool or sun decks. We were looking at a spa mini suite, if we go for the Haven I would lose the thermal access correct? On the diagram I saw it shows spa on the haven pool deck. Can anyone tell me what that consists of?
  5. I booked through Casino of the Seas and got a discount on our cruise for Jan 2020. My aunt and her husband booked online for this cruise as well. I was looking today online and see that the price has dropped from what we paid. I have already paid for my cruise, my aunt hasn't paid for hers yet. Just wondering if I contact casino of the seas and my aunt contacts customers service would they do any type of adjustment since we both are paying more than what the price is now??
  6. We are looking at booking a 2 bedroom Haven. 1. It said only the first 2 guests receive the unlimited beverage package. Would the next 3 get free drinks at the Haven bar and pay outside of that bar? When I looked up the price for buying 2 of our family members the package it says 831.00 per person do you get a discount being in the Haven on purchasing additional packages? 2. If we just upgraded to the haven and my aunt and her husband stayed in their balcony, are they allowed into the Haven area to be with us? Thank you for your help!!
  7. I received a post card from a casino that I had gotten a free cruise certificate. All I had to do was pick it up this weekend. Problem is the casino is 16 hrs from where I live. I contacted casino of the seas to see if we could get the offer and the said no not without the certificate but they could offer of casino pricing and asked what cruise and stateroom I wanted priced. Now I haven’t heard back from them but was wondering if anyone knew what casino pricing was ???
  8. When we went on our cruise last year we stayed at a hard Rock for one night close to our departure site. We played there and today I received a postcard to pick up a free cruise certificate. Now we are 16hrs away from that Casino. Has anybody been able to get Casino of the Seas to honor it without the certificate?
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