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  1. I didn't get a confirmation either, however I did take a screenshot at the end of the survey that shows I completed it and was grandfathered in on the Dine Drink Discover package. With Royal, I take a LOT of screenshots, lol.
  2. No, I hadn't sent any emails or called (yet). I had received the initial email from Royal letting me know their 'new plan' about taking away our perks and giving us $50 OBC instead of our BW Balcony drinks etc. I then got the email updating me saying they were sorry and that I could now choose to keep the perks.
  3. RCI--I posted the letter, should be above this comment.
  4. Dear Guest, Every once in a while, we wish we were in the time travel business instead of the cruise business. Especially, after our recent change to our DINE - DRINK - DISCOVER program. You see, after some research showing that guests weren't using the program's amenities, we decided to discontinue it and provide a credit to use onboard instead for those already confirmed. Some guests really liked the change. For others, our announcement did not go over very well, So, while we can't go back in time - we have listened to your feedback and hear you, loud and clear. On that note, we're happy to share that we are letting you choose! If you prefer to keep the DINE - DRINK - DISCOVER program, you can. Or, if you prefer the $50 Onboard Credit to use how you'd like and where'd you like, you can choose that. You get to decide! What's next? Please click here to let us know your preference by October 4th, 2019. Thank you for your patience and understanding and more importantly, for the opportunity to make this right. Here are some housekeeping details: If you go with the Onboard Credit Offer, it will be added to your reservation by October 11th. If you chose to be grandfathered in to the original program, you will receive your amenities while onboard. If you don't select an option by the date above, we will take that as you have selected the Onboard Credit and we will add it to your booking by October 11th. This offer is valid for guests that booked on or before September 18, 2019. Now, back to planning your awesome cruise vacation and we'll get back to working on that time machine! We really hate disappointing our guests and hope this makes it better. Can't wait to have you onboard, where the real magic happens. Sincerely, Aurora Yera-Rodriguez AVP of Guest Services Royal Caribbean International
  5. I just got the email that gives me the option to keep the BW perks or get the $50 OBC. With 2 teens in the cabin, we are keeping those dang soda packages!
  6. I didn't see this topic posted, so apologize if this is a duplicate. I received an email this morning letting me know that the cruise I'm booked on has now been chartered. We were on the January 16th sailing to Grand Cayman and Coco Cay out of Fort Lauderdale. They did give me options, but nothing with Coco Cay, which is why we booked that one in the first place. Still, we chose one of the options that was price protected and will stop in Grand Cayman and Cozumel instead. Bummer, but we had such a deal and not a lot of flexibility on dates, and Cozumel is fun. I did a quick search and here's what the charter is. http://www.capitaljazz.com/supercruise/2021/
  7. On the ship now. Yes, medical is the reason. Captain said we'd stop in Miami to have the coast guard assist with the evacuation but seems we are heading straight to Port Everglades now. Apparently our debarkation times will not be affected.
  8. It comes with the more high speed/expensive internet--the Surf & Stream.
  9. And the other western from Fort Lauderdale: Labadee, Falmouth, Cozumel. 😉
  10. Each of these had different itineraries to begin with. The week of the 19th and the 26th both had Labadee, but the other port stops were different from the start. Only the sailing on the 19th is a Western itinerary, the others are Eastern. Since those have longer distances, hence the change for those. For the Western on the 19th there has been one very minor change--arriving an hour and 15 minutes later, departing an hour later for the Falmouth stop.
  11. This is true. Only ships that have the reservation system, like Oasis, will need reservations. There are so many people on those ships and with the Broadway, Aqua Theater, Ice and Comedy shows, they need a way to allow everyone a chance to see it--hence the reservation system. On ships that are always 'first come, first served', you just show up and present your card with the Key on it to get access to the reserved seating section--as long as you show up before they open that area up to anyone.
  12. I bought the Key when it first came out and have checked the wording on what you get weekly (so since mid-December for my cruise in just over two weeks). I think the poster who mentioned this is confused by the fact that you CAN make reservations up to 3 days before for show--on ships that take show reservations. What I don't think they are understanding is that is the cut off for booking shows beforehand and that many times, popular shows are already booked solid, so the Key won't help you then, but you can hope to get in using the Key in the standby. The Key perks never, ever listed dinner reservation priorities. That was always listed for all cruisers--that you can make dinner reservations up until the cut off of three days before sailing and after that you have to check onboard. And no one can make dinner reservations if they have a dining package for specialty restaurants, no matter if you have the Key or not. I think what the poster is doing is combining many things they read about various things that can or should be booked prior to cruising. However back in December when I bought The Key, they didn't say a thing about show reservations, and it WAS just show up. They realized quickly that that wasn't going to work, so now you are told to prebook the shows for the dates/times you want if you have specific plans in mind.
  13. I'm sailing on Allure in 3 weeks---the app let me scan my passport.
  14. I think someone recently reported in that big 'The Key' thread that they were unable to order from the kids menu and kids had to choose from the 3 entree items shown. I think that person said their child ended up with the mac and cheese side dish. That surprised me, but I'm guessing that like all the other benefits where people have had widely varying experiences with The Key, that it could be ship by ship or even sailing by sailing. ,
  15. This morning I had an email alerting me to another 'sale' that I should take advantage of before my cruise departs. I click on the link to go to cruise planner and I get this message. Holy crap! I leave in a day?!?! Nope, I sail on May 19th. 🤣🙄
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