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  1. I have cruises booked on Indy, Harmony, Navigator, Odyssey, Freedom--and the only one with the new UI is Symphony. I'm not a fan. I did notice that when I click on my calendar in that new layout that it doesn't put in arrival or departure time for each port like it does on the other/older version. The new layout is quite flashy but not very user friendly.
  2. Totally varies by ship, by sailing date and by which 'sale' is currently happening. So pretty much you'll see it anywhere from about $45 per person, per day up to $80 per person, per day when you look in the cruise planner. You can have several sailings booked and each one will have different pricing when you look in the planner. Right now I have 4 cruises that are showing drink packages and they currently range from $53 to $79. So exact price? Nope. I always monitor and watch for sales and when it shows up at a price that makes sense for me (which means less than $50 pp pd) then I'll buy
  3. yeah, that's crazy. My daughter and I felt that for about $69 each, it was worth it. $866, no way.
  4. The 'upcharge' to choose refundable for my 5 night sailing to Cabo (with overnight stay) was only $137 for our balcony stateroom. I figured that was well worth it since who the heck knows what will be going on in my life in September of next year.
  5. Woohoo, booked the 5 night with an overnight in Cabo for Labor Day 2022.
  6. She doesn't start out of California until November. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5961/
  7. Cabanas are all 'expensive'. Like I said, it's the bungalows that are the less expensive. Coco Cay doesn't have them, only Labadee. Coco Cay had some different options before it turned into Perfect Day, but I'm not sure how those were handled. So if it's called a 'Cabana' it gets assigned. If it's a Bungalow on Labadee, those were first some first served. I have no idea how they decide on the beach beds, I've never booked on of those. Although I know in the Cruise Planner the price for those seems to vary by what part of Coco Cay you want your bed to be on.
  8. Not true. They are assigned. See my comment/post before this one.
  9. Cabanas are not first come, first served. They are assigned. On Labadee where they also have the less fancy bungalows, those have been first come, first served. From the cruise planner: For Coco Cay: For Labadee:
  10. John Heald (Carnival) just went live on FB to let people know they are pulling the plug on June and extending final payments for July that will now be due end of May, while they sort out what might happen with July.
  11. What does it show on your invoice? I have My Time for one cruise, early dining for another. Here's what they show at the top of my invoice:
  12. The problem will be that Freedom only had one sailing after that refurb--in March, right at the start of the pandemic. So unless there is someone on these boards that took a picture in one of those few cabins during that one and only week, it will be tough to find. I've looked. I'm booked in one for a cruise this October that now won't likely sail. I was also booked in one for last summer which of course, didn't sail. 😕
  13. Totally get that, but by now they should at least be able to give us an update. They know they are not sailing for 8 days or longer early this summer. All the other cruise lines either canceled or shortened theirs a while ago so people could make a decision. As I said, I know it won't sail and since I don't have anything other that port fees and taxes tied up, I'm letting it ride, but I know there are a lot on my roll call that feel like 5 months of limbo is enough and they could have at least extended final payment. I have to agree with them. (Meanwhile, the automated Cruise Planner emails
  14. My 8 night on Indy was 'frozen' before the holidays, when the original conditional sail order came out. Pulled from the site so you can't book it, but never canceled. We are now past final date and as of today, I can check in for my cruise. So I really hope they just make a decision, this 'freeze' thing truly leaves you in limbo. I know it won't sail, they know it won't sail. If I hadn't paid in full using FCC, I would have pulled the plug before final payment. I know there are quite a few others in the same predicament, whose cruises are frozen but not canceled. Many are holding out for
  15. Oh, and welcome to Cruise Critic. With regard to all those things, once they do post them for sale, you should wait for 'deals/sales' to come up. Especially this far out. Generally Black Friday in November will get you some good deals. There are also other times of the year where you might find bargains. But also keep in mind that pricing and sale prices are very specific to each sailing. You could have two cruises booked on the same ship, but two different dates, and prices for drinks and dining packages, along with everything else can be drastically different.
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