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  1. The ones I had were good through early January. Abbot Labs put out an updated expiration date list since the box shows a much sooner expiration. If you order now you should be fine with regard to expiration, but read my post about defective tests. I know I'm not the only one who has had a problem with defective tests, the person doing the current 'live' this week had the same problem with some of the test kits they received as well. Thankfully they were able to get results elsewhere.
  2. Just a word of warning on the Binax AG Card tests (from Optum and eMed). I had ordered a six pack for an upcoming cruise, but due to an exposure to several family members, we ended up using them to test 4 of us. Of the 6 tests in that we ordered, 2 were missing the 'liquid'. The gave us a link to replace the defective tests, but that would be ZERO help to you if you're needing them to board a cruise. I'll make sure we have a MINIMUM of 2 per person when I reorder.
  3. We had three of us in a cabin on Oasis a few years ago, it only had a fold out sofa bed, which I took since I was the smallest (5'2, 120). Even I thought it wasn't very comfortable so there's no way one person that is 6' tall would be comfortable and definitely not 2 of them in the same bed. Yikes. It would be fine for a couple of much younger kids.
  4. I believe you have to actually call and book that over the phone, you can't do it online.
  5. No one will really know, except maybe some TAs will get a sneak peek a day before. Some years it's been great, some years it's been a bust and I've gotten better deals during other sales. And totally depends on the ship/sailing too.
  6. Last Black Friday I got it for a few sailings at $6.49 before the 18% gratuity. I only have one of those sailings left and I have not seen the price drop below $8.99 for a while now. I had also snagged some refreshment beverage packages for $17 on Black Friday which is a great deal, but the sailings I had those for have been canceled and now I haven't seen it go below $22.99 on any recent sales.
  7. Yes! Put in airplane mode always. Turn on WiFi to use the app or to connect to an internet package if you bought one. By not putting it into airplane mode the phone will keep searching for a cell signal and rack up a massive bill while doing it, and drain your battery.
  8. I've never seen any 'detailed accounting'. It's maddening. I'm trying to deal with them regarding a bunch of FCCs that were applied to a cruise that was then canceled, then reapplied and that cruise canceled--both cancellations were Royal canceling, not me. And now I'm 'missing' about $575 in FCC and I've been told by one rep that it's because of a 'penalty'. Then another rep said no, there's not a penalty, it's because they accidentally refunded you instead. No, no they did not. This saga has been going on for well over a month and I've got all the documentation, but no one seems to let me email that to them. I'd love to have them look at all of that documentation so they can see that it is them that have screwed up using their 'accounting staff' which appear to have the math skills of a small soapdish.
  9. And this is exactly why I'm canceling and going to take the hit for 7 deposits because I'm not sure we'll be able to use the FCCs. I can probably use mine, but for the others it is not likely. We are supposed to be on Harmony on January 2nd. We have a young child as part of our group. We are flying from the west coast which takes literally all day with the length of the flights and Connections. We have a buffer of one day, but that's New Year's Day, so a holiday, not to mention staying in Cocoa Beach that didn't appear to have many options. I have the telehealth Binax AG Card tests for the others, but we decided this last weekend that it is all just too risky due to timing and then the potential to be stuck there and not be able to sail. This is a family cruise that had been booked in March of 2019 for a January 2021 sailing. That original sailing was chartered so we moved to a different ship. Then as Covid raged on, we used the lift and shift to move it to January of '22 since we felt that things would be much better. And now here we are......... We'll take the FCC, do a land vacation this time around. Hopefully my other sailings with friends for later in '22 will finally be a 'go'.
  10. You unscrew the wire, put through the handle, screw it back together. Just make sure it's screwed on as tight as you can get it.
  11. Not really 'times 4'. You get double what you would have normally received for a suite--so if you were getting 2 points per night for a suite, now you'd get 4 points per night for a suite. Or I guess it's times four if you mean 1 point times 4.
  12. I travel a ton for work and fly out of SeaTac frequently, my son also travels for work and also leaves out of SeaTac fairly often. Prior to the pandemic, it was already an airport that could be a TSA nightmare, even for those of us with TSA Pre/Global Entry, priority airline status and fly in first or business class. Now that travel is coming back, the TSA is finding themselves extremely shorthanded just like the airlines, hotels, and other industries and businesses (think of the huge delay in passport processing right now). So the wait times have gotten even worse. Traffic is Seattle is always on the list as some of the worst in the country. The dock that RCI uses is north of downtown, the airport is south of downtown. On a good day with no traffic issues at all and not rush hour, you can make that run in 30 to 40 minutes. Throw in traffic and it could take a lot longer. I'd go for the later flight and if you can do luggage valet for the late afternoon flight, you can then do something like have a nice lunch at Pike Market or take a stroll through the Chihuly Garden of Glass.
  13. EXACTLY! Nonstop is just that. You get on the plane and go right to your destination. Direct means you stop, but don't need to change planes, but you do stop and let other people off/on.
  14. Three of my six cruises are missing. Of the 3 remaining, only my daughter's name shows up as a guest, it doesn't show me or her son on it. They seriously have the WORST IT department in the world. ETA: I can see 5 of the 6 in the App, but the one that only shows my daughter, is the same in the app, she's the only one listed. ugh.
  15. Same--and three of my six cruises have totally disappeared and one that is showing only shows my daughter as the guest and not the other two on the booking.
  16. I think cans are the only option now. Royal is trying to cut way back on plastic.
  17. I've cleared my browsers/cookies/history, tried incognito, tried from my phone--and still get the message that I need to wait 15 minutes. But it's a never-ending 15 minutes.
  18. What others said--NEVER look at % off, just look at the bottom line of what is the actual price. Several people have recently posted that they canceled because they saw a better percent off sale but when they went to rebook the price was higher than what they had paid before, so they lost out on that better price because once they canceled, they couldn't get it back. Always add it to your cart, look at the total amount and then decide.
  19. Thank you. And bummer, but I had a feeling that would be the case.
  20. @BirdTravels I'm piling on with the thank yous! I noticed on that on the print out it said if you have a beverage package to take your cup to any bar to get soda. Does that mean no more Coke Freestyle machines? Or did Adventure not have one? (I could have sworn they did). Asking because we get soda packages for the flavored waters, not the soda, so we will pass on that if the Freestyle machines are not operating on the ships going out this/next month. I can't wait to keep following along, I'm on Odyssey on July 3rd (if all goes with I think with Adventure's sailings and the test sailing)
  21. You can see them all around the edge of the deck above the pool as well as down by the pool. They have NOTHING to do with dining. They are for lounging.
  22. Well, we sail on July 3rd, so cutoff to buy will be June 30th I think. 😕
  23. So I'm not someone who has a huge budget. I am extremely frugal at home--I rarely dine out, don't hit Starbucks or other places like that, don't buy fancy clothes. I save my money and use it to try and go on a nice vacation once per year. I was able to use some FCC a cruise last year that was canceled in order to get a good deal on a cruise on Brilliance for this July. That cruise was changed and they bumped us to Indy, but with different stateroom because there wasn't the same category. I stalked the site and got price drops. I stalked the site and grabbed the best deals on the cruise planner and was very proud of scoring some things I normally wouldn't be able to get (like the beach club for $39 per person!). I was able to find flights using our flight credit on American from the prior canceled cruise without having to pay too much additional (coach). I searched and searched and found the best deal and used points for pre-cruise hotel. Now we have been moved to Odyssey which I know is a great ship and that's exciting (if it really actually sails). So, for me this might be a 'first world problem' and I do realize that. But I also have every right to be disappointed and frankly a bit ticked off that I won't be able to rebook the same things I had when the only thing that has changed is the ship. To have things be at least double in price and sometimes quadruple is unreasonable when they know we won't be able to wait it out for some sort of 'sale' and no OBC was offered to help soften the massive increase of cruise planner items.
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