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  1. I like to explore all my options at my leisure and convenience. Once I know exactly what I want, I then use a TA.
  2. Slip on your warm jacket and use your pyjama jacket as ahead covering. The sleeves of your pyjama jacket will tie under your chin.
  3. We seem to be agreed that the necessities of a good cruise should include hand whisks and champagne stoppers.
  4. I think we all make contingency plans, but I bet in an emergency, we should forget everything. A new plan, go to bed dressed in warm clothes, with your life jacket hooked over one arm and your meds clutched in your other hand. Unless of course you feel the need to take your hand whisk, in which case leave your life jacket or your meds. behind.
  5. I think, as another female I would join you, I’d sooner pretend that I was the captain and go down with the ship. Seriously, I always put my dressing gown on the edge of the bed on a ‘just in case’ basis.
  6. I’ve been taking one for years, it lives inside my first aid kit, but I am told that a spoon handle in the bottle works well. How dreadful it would be if you were forced to finish the bottle. Perish the thought!
  7. What about those of us who need to fly to Southampton. And a message for Andy, it’s jolly nice being bonkers! This string of messages makes me feel happy inside.
  8. Why pray, on Arcadia, are the light switches behind the pillows (torch needed) The idea of a cup and saucer is excellent, I too hate during out of mugs, that’s why I have room service! I shall sneak one from the dining room and take my own coffee bags! Beat this one, I take an orthopaedic thigh length boot for using in the shower (on a just in case basis), I am forever damaging my shins which then must be kept dry.
  9. Sorry, shows you how much I know about Peroni (beer)?. Now if they were to run out of red wine, well that would /e a tragedy.
  10. I have been looking at your ticket prices by railway from Manchester to Southampton. It is cheaper to fly. Try FLYBE. but be prepared for the 23K baggage allowance.
  11. I am on Aurora next week so am pleased to hear that it is still OK. Was on Arcadia earlier this year and the volume by the Aquarius pool was sometimes far too loud. However, I am told that it is what the passengers want and it is a Music Cafe.
  12. Why is the background music so loud. Sometimes it is difficult to have a conversation.
  13. Just a suggestion, if you drink in the Crows nest each evening, would it be worth letting the man behind the bar know and asking if he can get in a stock of Peroni behind the bar for you?
  14. I’m not surprised you need a clue. We were all talking about the fact that P & O needed to up their game. It started because somebody’s printer wasn’t working. I am new to this forum lark and have obviously done something incorrectly. SORRY! My question is, why would P & O ditch a perfectly good website with one that doesn’t work.
  15. P & O WEBSITE. Are thy still working on it? I find it strange that the old one worked perfectly, yet they have wasted money (some of ours) producing one which doesn’t work. I wonder if they are losing bookings? It used to be called inefficiency. What would that be called now?
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