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  1. Thanks Guys! I remember her calling it a certain name, but I kept forgetting it! lol I guess I will just have to experiment at the alchemy bar again! oh darn!
  2. So, I am sure this is a long shot but I have to ask. Last year I was on the carnival conquest, and one of the bar tenders at the alchemy bar made me a drink. I told her "I like sweet, but not too sweet, not to strong of an alcohol flavor" lol and she made me a drink that was cream based, with some sort of raspberry flavor and a couple fresh raspberries on top. It was SO good, but I can not remember the name of it for the life of me! Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Hey Going to bermuda for the first time in September, just wondering if there is a curfew for being back on the boat at night? We are there for 2 nights!
  4. Well it sounds like parking at the port is just much more convenient haha
  5. It is an extended cab. I am going to call and ask forsure! Thanks!
  6. If I am reading this correctly, pickup trucks are not allowed to park at this lot? thats unfortunate as thats what we have!
  7. If I am reading this correctly, pickup trucks are not allowed to park at this lot? thats unfortunate as thats what we have!
  8. hence why I am looking for other options haha
  9. Good Morning! Anyone have any recommendations for parking when going out of new york? How much is parking at the terminal? Is there another parking area that is cheaper and we can get a cab to the actual terminal? I parked at the terminal about 7 years ago for my first cruise out of new york and never really researched any alternatives to parking!
  10. For my husband and I it is totally worth it! It costs about 900 for a 7 day cruise. This includes 15 alcoholic drinks per day, specialty coffee, bottles of water, smoothies, pop etc. I am not a HUGE drinker, but it is very easy to have a specialty coffee (or 2) in the morning, a couple frozen fruity drinks in the afternoon and a couple glasses of wine with dinner, plus numerous bottles of water all week. At the end of our cruise, we got a list of all the purchases and we did a rough calculation on what our drinks would have cost at the end of the week, and we were up to about 2000 bucks! Seems crazy, but we had alot of GOOD coffee, lots of water and lots of Gatorade. I love the freedom of paying ONE price and not having to worry about my tab at the end of the cruise. I can have fun and enjoy myself and not be calculating each drink I have :)
  11. Going to Bermuda with carnival on Sept 16th and wondering what the best beaches are within walking distance? and is there a beach right off the boat?
  12. Thats so weird. Why would it be different? oh well! Wont put a damper on my trip!
  13. I am booked to go on the sept 16th sailing of the sunrise out of newyork. My husband and I always get the cheers program and I am just wondering if you can use the program on the first day. If I am remember correctly, out of newyork, you have to wait until day 2 to use the cheers....i think?
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