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  1. Marine traffic says Freetown. Several ships are heading there.
  2. We have been cleared by customs but the ship isn't letting us on because they are getting ready for the festivities.
  3. Good cruise. Only problem was the noise in our cabin M527. It sounded like they were moving stuff around in the buffet all night long.
  4. They are some form of concrete. There are no bodies. I believe they were removed when the church was abandoned. There used to be signs of other graves there by the wall.
  5. Finally got off the ship yesterday and visited the graves.
  6. Visited the graves yesterday. Hike seamed to be longer than it used to be or I'm getting older. They are in bad condition.
  7. That's my camera by your beer. The bees were nuts.
  8. That was a big fail at Alfredo's for you guys on many levels. That should have never left the kitchen. Our lunch at Alfredo's was the usual good food on Monday.
  9. Churchill's is small and nothing but cigarette smokers, impossible to enjoy a cigar. This has been the only spot available so has become the defacto spot.
  10. In our cabin too windy to use tenders at Princess Cay. Really didn't want to get off anyway.
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