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  1. To be sure, were X to allow everyone who did not book with them access for the proverbial 'one question' which can frequently turn into several requests and other questions, etc., denies those who booked direct from getting prompt access to the agents. So I cannot blame them for sending us back to our agents of record. X pays TA's to answer questions or get answers on our behalf AND were one wants to handle details on their own, then they need to consider booking direct in order to do so effectively and efficiently for their needs and desires and to heck with any 'potential' additional perks we may receive by using a TA. Sometimes I use a TA and sometimes I do not. When I do, I send a list of questions and concerns I expect them to follow-up on. How long they have to wait on the phone matters not to me, they took the booking, will get paid, I want the answers/response in return. Just my thoughts, to be sure. Good luck and bon voyage
  2. LOL - I Am sure you would be filming it for us, too... I look forward to the next segment!!! bon voyage
  3. What about the addition of or lack of flavour enhancers as used in some OJ's??? LOL - good to see you posting again O... bon voyage
  4. More than likely not, as a different varieties of oranges are used than what we here in the U.S. usually used for fresh juice... bon voyage
  5. Technically, there is oak in the wine as often times the taste or aroma or essence if pronounced enough is part of the profile... If one adds anything to any food or beverage and then 'tried' to remove all of it, it is essentially impossible to do so as there will be some residue left behind. Maybe not perceptible to most people, yet there... There are many things which cannot be 100%, yet we accept from 99% or skip altogether if it will cause a health issue, overall. Cheers and bon voyage
  6. That is good you know this, as there are quite a few sugar brands that are, again leaving residue of the marrow in the product... Well, I did not think that I would be providing this much info on vegan food and wines and other such here on CC... 😁 Maybe more info than what some may want or care about... Cheers and bon voyage
  7. JI - me??? Packed in your suitcase??? The airline fees for having overweight luggage would be more than what it would cost for you to just purchase me a cabin... an A-2 cabin... LOL It does look beautiful, indeed. Have never been there but it is on the list of places to go... Thank you for sharing, it has been a most wonderful blog written along with fantastic photos, too. Continued safe sailing for you both and bon voyage
  8. s you will not be in suspense until the last minute as opposed to being on the ship until the last minute!!! LOL bon voyage
  9. If not on the first day, then it will be during the balance of your sailing after initial request.... bon voyage
  10. I think calling would be a better way for website issues as most, if not all of the agents on chat are reservations only. Plus, they know who you are and try to distance themselves until you actually set foot on a ship... LOL bon voyage
  11. u - I Am not sure if this qualifies as a 1A No obstruction, I would think that a clothes line would qualify the cabin as a 2D....LOL Thanks and bon voyage
  12. I understand the frustration... Sounds like you booked direct to X? Have you tried emailing/calling your advisor so they know what you are trying to achieve? If your sailing/cabin/class of service is on sale, have you tried putting a 24 hour hold on a cabin and possibly have the ability to apply it your current cabin??? Just a few ideas to help over the hump until you can get through, as there must lots and lots and lots of people calling in... I think they may have a 24 hour operation going for reservations, if that works for you... good luck and bon voyage
  13. LOL - many wine drinkers do not realize that a few mid- to low-level priced wines are 'fined' (read: finished and filtered) using cow bones or egg whites or shellfish or fish bladders or gelatin, to name a few... the use of these agents makes a wine not vegan as residue is left behind while trying to improve taste or appearance or to reduce tannin.... There are quite a few wines which use no animal derived, if any, fining agents at all and are wonderful on the palate... 😎 Cheers and bon voyage
  14. How about I treat you to a double and we go off bp for a 'better' wine??? LOL Cheers and bon voyage
  15. ... and what to do when those countries deny docking due to C-19 outbreaks either in their country or aboard? Dock anyway??? bon voyage
  16. Those of us who have sailed and have sailed X in, at least, the last four (4) years under the current iteration of the beverage packages and costs and policies know what the 'current' approach is. The basics are: there are two (2) different foundational beverage packages available, essentially un-changed in the last five (5) or so years, with the exception of the times it is now included in AI or suite fare, with the exception of passengers who use/purchase a fare which does not include beverage packages. I believe that most posters who ask here about the BP's are new to sailing X or need a refresher which is also at X's website, as it is easier to ask here than to look in the CP or read the FAQ's. Yes, there are some important features not at the website like upgrade costs from CBP to PBP, that sorts itself out upon purchase either in the CP or on-board often times. The basic answer to the question(s) about variety and price limits, the variety changes often and a sample of the menus are at X's website OR we can ask someone currently sailing to post a photo of any list available... That is fair. Yes, we (past passengers) should know the limits of each package and/or that any beverage cost over the selected package limit is the difference plus gratuity. Now, where there are 'major' beverage package changes (real or rumoured), CC will be abuzz so there is no missing it for those of us who have sailed in the last five (5) years AND frequent CC. True or not??? At any rate, cheers and bon voyage
  17. Hello all as a heads up, the CDC just raised the travel alert for St. Kitts, Belize and Nevis... These port calls may be cancelled by X... bon voyage
  18. d - you were parked at the bar so they got to know you... LOL We have found likewise... cheers and bon voyage
  19. Very true about the 'expensive cocktail' yet many previous passengers know the deal on that and most bartenders will advise before pouring and billing.... the difference in pricing based on package and full cost if no package. Most of the cocktail menus have pricing right there, so were we not to know the up-charge or full charge and did not ask, hey I say order a few more to get over it... LOL bon voyage
  20. Okay, okay I Am going to get fired if they continue to find that I Am howling at posts on CC... Let us not let this devolve any further, at least for now... LOL Chin Chin and bon voyage
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