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  1. Your first stop to consider is tripinsurancestore.com, read a few of the blog posts or even give a call with questions and concerns. There are a few others mentioned in posts on this forum... In health and bon voyage
  2. You need to check your policy to know if there is evacuation coverage and how much that is, what is the maximum $ coverage for illness or injury while traveling outside of the U.S. and etc... In health and bon voyage
  3. You most likely will need to find another cruise line to take her on, if any exists at the moment... sailing options for the un-vaccinated are very limited, if any, currently. You can also make deposits on several different lines to see who is the first to permit un-vaccinated passengers to board who have health issues and cannot take the or any vaccine for C-19. Others with lyme disease, as I Am sure you have read by now, have very different input and experience(s) with the input of their doctors and taking the vaccine itself. It may be time to take a pause and re-think the situation ONLY if she and the family believe it is necessary. I wish your DIL good health regardless and that you can find a line that is willing to make the exception(s) so she can sail. In health and bon voyage
  4. Edge has spoiled me, period!!! LOL bon voyage
  5. I must add, rather one sails inside cabin or upper level suite, this type of cruise will not only test the passengers limits, but will add a major test for RCCL... For example, what would they do with and for passengers in case of another pandemic, will they evacuate everyone right away or not, as I expect the ship to be fully booked...? Port cancellations? etc... It will be interesting to follow, to say the least... bon voyage
  6. There may be some 'home schooling' on a segment or two... yet not as many children as on Caribbean sailings, that is for sure. Maybe teachers will be aboard to address this situation?? bon voyage
  7. m - IMO for you, it will be worth upgrading, for sure. Purely based on your question. For example, when aboard every afternoon I will have my glass of Macallan with a pastry and let me tell you, it is soooo good! ... and that is to start my day, then the evening hits!!! LOL Cheers and bon voyage
  8. s - were I a heavier drinker, I would bet that 'noise' is not an issue for the Ionic Suite, if it were then that would have been remedied way before your posting and most likely after its' first sailing occupied... bon voyage
  9. I think you have not taken into consideration that this is the Celebrity Forum not RC, although quite a few have sailed RC the reviews are mixed amoungst us, at best. I have been on only one (1) RC ship and that was with 4,529 of my best friends and I assure you we will not be sailing together again... LOL I Am not familiar with Serenade of The Seas, I do not envision it being that large and entering some of the ports of call as currently listed. Yeah, I would do it in a heartbeat, were my spouse amenable to it.... LOL I will try and push for at least one (1) segment in whatever level I can choose to sail in... bon voyage
  10. They will let you fly home for a few and then return, at your cost though... In health and bon voyage
  11. Cannot wait to read your 'live blog'... bon voyage
  12. You are absolutely correct, as what I think is a waste, others find value.... As I move forward in life and living, things that I once thought of as a waste, I truly find of value at my point of life and living. While I have in the past spoken about value vs waste of money and time, I have come to really understand that I cannot spend someone else money or direct them to spend on items which are not of value to them one way or another. I appreciate them and their choices rather it be mine or not... even within my family, there are those who do things I think is a waste and vis-a-versa, unless I Am asked for my opinion or purchasing it for them, I say go for it and enjoy all along the way. Then I wait for the commentary and review to come in, about their thoughts on value vs waste... bon voyage
  13. I would still go for it... As this could happen on the routine Caribbean sailing, as well... In health and bon voyage
  14. t - were I going I would actually demand that they have a dentist aboard for this very same reason OR arrange for one in a few ports we would visit...LOL 😁 bon voyage
  15. On the face of it, there is no comparison at all, if one is only looking at final cost for each sailing and not length of each voyage. While I did not get into the details of the RSSC Mia to Mia RTW sailing, I did see where it is only 132 nights vs RCCL's 274... As such it goes beyond 'Brand Loyalty' IMO... what other significant differences can you point out that outweighs ones desire to choose RCCL over RSSC other than cost? I have not been on either ship, so cannot comment on these areas other than pricing per their respective websites. bon voyage
  16. s - With that much time on the ship, the ship will be your second home!!! Just think making your friends and neighbours jealous as you say 'we are off to our second home (around the world) for a bit... see you when we get back.' A very unique experience, to be sure and to share... bon voyage
  17. Hey s if your husband wants to go, I will go with him... consolation prize, I know, but what the heck...LOL bon voyage
  18. LOL, I have not seen Jim post any spreadsheets, yet!!! Must be another CC file you are on, currently... LOL bon voyage
  19. Maybe someone can recommend a "buy up" solution for extra points??? Plus, how many points would one receive for using RC's credit card to pay for the sailing? bon voyage
  20. One could use it on the next world sailing(s).... LOL OR, if in an upper level suite just negotiate a long term quarantine... In health and bon voyage
  21. There would be streaming available for those on the full sailing... bon voyage
  22. But most cocktails are included!!! That would be a great off-set, do you not think, especially on the last leg of the sailing?? Cheers and bon voyage
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