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  1. Well, I can say that a few of the liquors are of good value aboard to bring home... from time to time. bon voyage
  2. K - I was just able to download and print out... Thank you very much for your kind offer and still look to meet you aboard.... Are you attending the MnG? cheers and bon voyage
  3. I believe you are correct, I read this several times... Maybe the poster has not read all of the posts concerning this. bon voyage
  4. K - Thank you very much!!! Cheers, See You Soon and bon voyage
  5. Yes and guidelines can be found at X's website... casual elegant or country club elegant etc... bon voyage
  6. Nahh, the only limit in dining is that Aqua gets Blu and suites get Luminea, which are for them. Take a gander over at X's website for more complete info on dining and offerings including Specialty Restaurants... Welcome and bon voyage
  7. I do not mind sending out any item, favourite or not. I just want it cleaned. If it gets ruined, then it is done... I have been known to ruin things at home when doing laundry or sending out to dry cleaners. Not often, mind you, but it does happen. bon voyage
  8. I second this position... As the one who does the laundry in my household, it is quite nice to leave any and everything in the bag and know it will be returned the next day all done! I consider it a perk of cruising, rather I pay for it or not.... usually I do pay for it. bon voyage
  9. As c points out about the mocktails... I recommend that you bring along a recipe list of drinks which are friendly to your diet/preferences and if the ingredients are available, the bartender will surely make you what you desire... Cheers and bon voyage
  10. Sounds like the cabin pricing has gone up to that rate... Many X sailings have increased rates after final payment and just before actual sailing... Again, I would not be afraid to call X for assistance and clarification on this situation. bon voyage
  11. It may be worth a call to X and specifically address this situation, as the agent 'may be' taking advantage of the situation, seeing you are in the UK and your agent is in the US??? You might get an agent or ask for a Supervisor, to explain what the real options are in this case for the need to re-book and cancellation and what their policy is in this type of situation. Not saying that your agent is not doing right by you, but something may not be correct in how they are handling this situation, which is odd to us Americans and our experience. Good luck and bon voyage
  12. Yes, that is a lot of money to lose.... Given the 'all in' cost, there might be no other option.... Ask the TA if they can provide a letter, on their letter head, a notice of cancellation and with the amount of fare loss and port fees to be reimbursed. Not sure if that is the type of documentation which your insurer will accept. Maybe a call to them will provide some guidance by explaining the situation? If positive, get it in writing from the insurance agent. good luck and bon voyage
  13. I would recommend that you tell you TA that Mother and MIL are both sailing... Once you arrive at the docks, X will not care at all... because the cabin is paid for. Do not let your TA fiddle with the reservations for no other reason than greater commissionable fare. Fees and taxes are not that much, I would consider foregoing them in order to avoid the higher fare. I trust your Mum will be better soon and you and your group will have a grand sailing.... bon voyage
  14. Well, this is a loaded question.... 😉 Here on CC we are all over the ship on this one, some will only do insides, others only OBV's through only suites for the various additional amenities they offer, with Concierge and Aqua in-between. Aqua has Blue and Suites have Luminae... both very good restaurants, by all counts including mine. Smaller venues vs MDR, fresher and more up-scale food and presentations. Service is a step or two or three above MDR. Some will swear by them others not raving fans.. You may want to go to X's website and/or do a search here about the menus and preferences... bon appetite and bon voyage
  15. Yes, there are those who will feel out of place, yet many of us do not as we do enjoy dressing up. I Am thinking of bringing my tuxedo for our inaugural sailing on The Edge, I Am assured that I will be the only one in our party to do so, yet it is fine with me. Dress up and feel special that one night! Bon voyage
  16. Well, you most certainly NOT have to change into Chic Evening clothes for breakfast... very relaxed in the Buffet for breakfast... Although I do believe that cover-ups for swim suits is preferred for the buffet at all times. bon voyage
  17. Nahhh, just dressed up nicely... You will be fine and envied by others, too. I wear a suit most nights to dinner rather it be Chic Night or not... bon voyage
  18. Very close to it all... straws are being replaced currently, as I understand it. bon voyage
  19. v - You are correct... I was thinking in terms of my competency in doing it.. LOL bon voyage
  20. I Am under the impression that she does understand there is no 'traditional' verandah and accepts it accordingly, yet the comment is to mean that she has the ability to sit 'outside' the main cabin, as it were, open the window, look out either sitting or standing and getting the breeze. I Am sure d will come back to correct me, if in fact I have mis-interpreted her thoughts and desires about the IV's and what I understand is most appealing for her. I Am sure that she has read many pro's and con's about the IV's and is really looking forward to her sailing in one as many others are. Now, after the sailing in one, what the reaction will be remains to be heard and I trust she will be back to let us know her thoughts. bon voyage
  21. 24 Nov 2019! Thank you H - I cannot wait... Based on the polls and comments here on CC, I should expect that half of our group of 22 will dislike the IV's... LOL Yet, I have made sure everyone has seen photos and read descriptions of the IV's on X's website and to a person, everyone is excited to experience them.... even first time cruisers in the group. Even those who are technology impaired to one degree or another are looking forward to cabin controls from their phones... I cannot wait to hear the stories of how this works out.. We have a group of 12 looking forward to dining in Eden and seeing its' shows too.. even after getting the initial reviews from others here. All in all I think it will be a fun and experiential sailing... I will, attempt, to do a live blog from the ship.... and for our groups family members at home... to send back Happy Thanksgiving greetings... bon voyage
  22. I understand.... bon voyage
  23. We always have the Premium Package and I, somehow, always find a few nights where I have to pay more for drinks as in a few drinking places they have a scotch or bourbon which are not part of any package and I have to have one... as a night cap.. Yes, the up charge was once $70 for one drink I ordered, I Am sure the bartender told me but while in a stupor (from drinking) I either did not hear or understand it... LOL At any rate, go, drink, enjoy... Find your favourite bartender or bar (in that order) and you will be fine. Cheers and bon voyage
  24. i - yes, it is the 'core issue' for those who are disappointed that many of the cabins on The Edge Class of ships do not have 'traditional' balconies/verandahs... Yet, there are many who are not. Many of us who followed the design and build of The Edge knew and understood this all along, so it will not be a surprize at all.. rather or not one will enjoy the experience is a totally different issue. Now, were one to book any cabin with the IV knowing this information or without looking at the videos or at X's site to see what they look like, is a different issue. Yes, I understand and accept that many want that 'traditional' experience and they need to have it, yet The Edge Class will not provide it, unless one is in Suite Class... speaking of which, many complain about how The Retreat is structured. I have read here on CC that for the prices which X is charging for its' upper tier suites these passengers have a number of other 'better' options. Obviously not, if this class of cabin is being booked out... especially on my sailing the top suites have been booked out for months now.. I recommend that anyone who is upset about the IV's not wait to jump ship, jump now and start to acclimate to a new line with the itineraries and cabin presentation that they may crave/desire... As I have stated before, I always look forward to something new and different... I get it that some do not enjoy it and the good thing is, we have options..The good thing is, one can always abandon X, before feeling abandoned. bon voyage
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