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  1. I would love to know this as well as I am sure my 4/10/21 Meraviglia cruise will be cancelled any day now...
  2. From what I understand is they do still receive commission for paid in full bookings.
  3. That is what I am worried about, my book by date is in March 21. Nervous that I would lose it if they cancel after March...
  4. Was the book by date extended or did it revert back to original date?
  5. FCC expires in 3/2021 for a sailing by 12/31/2022, if I book a cruise for a date in late 2021 and that cruise is cancelled by NCL - what happens to the FCC? Since it was applied to a cruise before the book by date - I assume they would return the FCC, but what would the new book by date be?
  6. Unfortunately it is normal and a shame! I really like Victoria - Butchart Gardens is a must do! There are itineraries with better times in Victoria - you have to compare them all.
  7. The entertainment was subpar, activities lacking, buffet super repetitive, and awkward ship layout (YC Restaurant inconvenient). My husband and I were actually bored on this ship. We really like MSC but this was our worst cruise ever...
  8. 1. Seaside 2. Meraviglia 101. Divina (and I was in the Yacht Club) Entertainment/activities were not up to par with Seaside and Meraviglia on the Divina. ( and this was a Christmas sailing) My husband and I struggled to find things to do - worst cruise we have been on and we were in the Yacht Club!
  9. 1. Seaside 2. Meraviglia 101. Divina (and I was in the Yacht Club)
  10. Considering the ages of your children I would recommend the 2 club balcony suites.
  11. Free $5 Best Buy gift cards today for 500 points!
  12. Question on the topic of Future Cruise Planner Credit - I applied mine to an April cruise on the Allure thinking there was no way that an April 2021 cruise would not sail....Now I am thinking of lifting and shifting to April 2022 - would I lose the Future Cruise Planner Credit or would it be refunded to me to use on another cruise?
  13. I was looking to book the 5 day Freedom to Bermuda on 8/19 and the price has gone up almost $1000 is less than a week. Hoping it will come back down again...
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