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  1. Curious if you got your upgrade and are willing to share your bid? Hope you did...
  2. I just booked a cruise today and applied two cruise next deposits and called NCL to inquire about the extra $100 obc and they said that promotion expired 5/31/19.
  3. Looking to buy 2 cruise next certs for $125 each for a total of $250.
  4. Does anyone know if you book a guarantee (not sailaway) cabin for a cruise that leaves in about 60 days and you are not assigned a cabin does that prohibit you from bidding in the upgrade advantage program? Or does your cabin have to be assigned and then you are able to bid? Thanks!
  5. Let's just say my black pants are as formal as I get on a cruise and only on formal nights!
  6. I was Gold on NCL and matched to Silver on MSC - this was over a year ago when they were more generous with the status matching. My guess is the Platinum on NCL will only match to Silver on MSC now.... The match disappears after 3 years if you do not continue to sail with MSC. Also as a side note I do not dress any differently on MSC as I do on NCL - my motto is comfy...
  7. Having sailed the MSC Seaside twice (8/18 & 4/19) I would say it would be a nice change of pace to try a different line. My philosophy is "variety is the spice of life" and that changing up cruise lines makes each cruise more unique and enjoyable. I do agree 100% that MSC non-ship customer service is pretty bad and their website is also awful...but this does not translate to their on-ship employees. I believe they are a good value with all you receive with the Aurea package and was pleasantly surprised at their easy package offerings on the ship. They did have menus specifying easy package drinks. I really enjoyed the entertainment on the Seaside as well, their shows are just the right length and very different from what you see on other lines. The flair on the Seaside is more European which I enjoy as I love to travel to Europe. I would not hesitate to travel on MSC, Royal, Carnival or NCL as they all have their pros and cons and they all do things differently which I appreciate!
  8. Thanks for letting us know, picked some up myself!
  9. We did the Jewel Penthouse suite in Alaska in Aug 2017 and we were invited to many Haven activities. No need to upgrade to Haven on Jewel class ships in my opinion.
  10. Does anybody know if you book a balcony cabin on the Joy will you be able to bid on a Haven upgrade? Since the Joy has the Concierge level would that be as high as you could bid due to the 2 category limit? Thanks!
  11. Hello, Trying to book the Trio dining package for 4/13/19 Seaside and every time I go to check out it changes the dates that I originally booked the meals. Looks like they move it back or forward a day, tried to "out smart" the system by booking a day earlier/later to no avail. Anybody else have this problem? Only way to rectify with a call? Booked with a TA, need to contact them? Thanks!
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