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  1. Just wanted to give quick update, I have lost all taste/smell, have slight cough/sniffles, and have some gastrointestinal problems. Son has slight sniffles/cough. I would consider mild symptoms. Upon doing research I believe our cases were caught very early based on our viral loads from our 7/28/21 PCR test. Mine (14.9 ct) Son (16.8 ct), therefore we were symptom free and shedding the virus agessively without even knowing it. It also tells me most likely I contacted it on the ship imho.
  2. it appears the reason the majority of covid cases is being found on the ships is because of the required testing of the unvaccinated. there are certainly more undetected cases on board, maybe ignorance is bliss??
  3. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2021/07/30/royal-caribbean-cruise-6-passengers-sent-home-after-covid-positive/5427475001/ Looks like I am not alone, except they get to go home.. I was on Adv of the Seas 6/21 and there onboard procedures/policies were very strict. Social distancing enforced, lower capacity, no bar seating, etc etc etc. There were 2 Pos on that sailing as well which we were informed of and looks like RCL takes better care of their passengers. Do not get me wrong while onboard Carnival loved the lax rules, enjoyed sitting
  4. thank you for your kind words. I would be very shocked if I heard from the CDC to be honest with you. but if I did I would be happy to inform them of my saga.
  5. I 100% agree with you that it is not carnival's fault and it is not my fault and I understand bad things happen to good people all the time. I am upset at the lack of procedures and protocols on carnivals behalf. they were non-existent as if they were a deer caught in the headlights and had no idea how to react. Don't get me wrong most of the carnival staff was nice but I don't want nice I want competency and policies and procedures. when I ask a question and get a response I would like the same answer, not 3 Different answers from 3 different people. Believe me I love cruising and am a
  6. One of the doctors on the cruise ship said this to me, "The last thing Carnival wants is this to be on the news". This is a direct quote after I asked if we were the 1st cases. (I knew he would/could not answer the question). Also how do I know there was another positive covid case on board because they brought me and my daughter into a room and thought we were the positive case and called us the name of the other case. Me/daughter were waiting in the waiting area as son/ husband were in treatment room. They just assumed we were the other case, i stated I was confused, was my daughter post
  7. this is exactly why I don't want it on my own thread I'm not here to have negativity surround me. I just am being as diplomatic as possible to let you know of my experience and you make your own decisions if it's worth it to get on a cruise ship right now. i have been very kind to carnival and do not feel rhe need to get into every specific situation about how we were treated by them. it wad not a good situation. also i apologize about spelling hrammer as i only have a phone, no tablet, laptop, or desktop...Now i need to contact my ta and get my 8/21 Vista cruise canceled, which is still pe
  8. We are in 2 different rooms down the hall from each other. He has been doing all the running around for supplies/food. The hotel has both "regular" and postive covid cases in quarantine. It appears to be very much the honor system on not leaving your room etc. I was expecting to be on a separate floor from guests and under some type of supervision. There is nothing stopping me from leaving the room and even flying home. I am fairly shocked that ut is this lax. I can see many people not following protocols of self quarantine.
  9. I apologize, I believe the majority of exemptions on the cruise were under 12's, but there may have been some adults as well. Yes, testing was done before debarkation @ 12:00 noon pm the last sea daty. This was clearly stated on the exemption request that we completed for each of our children. We were called on the loudspeaker around 12:30 pm and spent at least 4 hours on the health center and then my son and I were moved to quarantine cabin 2250 and my hunsband/ daughter where allowed back to their room. Carnival had to lock off all the hallways so no guests or employees would see us. Ho
  10. I can not agree with you more!!!!! We are both completely asytomatic and would never have guessed in a million years we were positive. Their handling was very bad. By the way, our kids are always masked up indoors and we play by all the rules...
  11. It was a terrible stressful situation and Carnival protocols were almost non existent. We tested positive on the before disembarkion 7/28. They gave us a list us 8 quarantine hotels, waived the phone call fees and left everything on our sholders. Do not expect flights home etc. from Carnival. It is all on your dime as well. We have travel ins so hoping for some type of reimbursement for our covid quarantine rooms required from 7-10 days. We are from CT, so we are stuck in Houston. You never think it will happen to you until it does!
  12. Unfortunately with the delta variant it is not just kids spreading anymore.
  13. Just off this cruise from covid quarantine, masks for kids highly recommended not required. My kids wear masks 100 percent inside, no exceptions. Both me (fully vaxxed) and son 10 years not vaxxed tested positive on last sea day. I know there was at least one more case on board as well.
  14. Yes we feel fine! And yes 100 percent on our dime, we do have travel insurance so hoping for some sort of reimbursement. My son and I 10 days, maybe shorter if we test negative. My husband/ daughter we believe shorter more like 7 if they continue to test negative.
  15. I will definitely cruise again, not on Carnival anytime soon. Will definitely not be on Vista on 8/21! My kids wil be vaxxed as soon as they are eligible, so will play by ear.
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