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  1. Yes Bermuda rules are different, they give us 4 days before sailing and we need to apply for Bermuda Travel authorization.
  2. Wow, sounds like NCL treats their passengers much better the Carnival! When I (fully Vaxxed) tested positive on the Breeze on 7/28/21, we were left to our own devices. Was given a list of 8 possible hotels to quarantine at and we had to make all the calls/arrangements!
  3. I tested positive (fully vaxxed PFE) on the 7/24/21 Carnival Breeze and they would allow us to drive home. However, I live in CT and the Breeze left from Galveston. TX so we decided to quarantine in Houston...
  4. Also as far as I know I would have been able to rent a car to drive back home, unless they changed their mind...which would have been par for the course. Renting 2 cars to drive 1700 miles did not sound like fun for us...plus the people I would have been exposed yo gor gas, bathroom etc...
  5. No free movies! Back home enjoying the pool in CT! All family members healthy!
  6. Felling ok, again I only had very mild symptoms. I have regained 15 percent of my taste back as well...
  7. Looks there may be epidemic clause as we purchased the policy in april, we will see what happens when we file the claim! I am not really worried about the small stuff, I am a prinicple person and doing right by people. Luckily both my husband and I are self employed and have unlimited vacation time...plus my husband brought all needed to run our business with him!
  8. Well doing research on the policy myself, looks like we are only covered for 2k total. So much of this will be self funded. I did hear back from Carnival, they are not willing to do anything else for us...not expecting just hoping.
  9. Still here at the Holiday Inn. Bc we go on several trips a year we buy a annul insurance policy. Allianz AllTrips Premier, my husband contacted them and said this would be covered under trip interruption, which I believe is up 2k per person.(i hope it is not 2k total, need to double check with him)
  10. Yes, we could have rented a car and drove home. However in our case we are 1800 miles from home and would have needed 2 cars to separate the positives/negatives. I am personally uncomfortable with the fact that i would have need to stop for bathroom breaks etc. and potentially expose others. Call me old fashioned but that is how I was raised...
  11. Husband/daughter still testing negative!
  12. Update:. Both son and I just took Binax Now Antigen self tests. Son negative, me positive. One step in the right direction! Also last night had a powerful conversation with a nice carnival representative familiar with my case. Went thru situation in great detail about specific situations that transpired. I believe I heard a few gasps. He said he will talk to the higher ups and see what the can do for me.
  13. I have been very active on the other thread 95/5 if u are interested. I apologize I probably should have used the term isolation cabin vs quarantine cabin. after testing positive and leaving the medical center my son and I were moved to isolation cabin 2250 which is a cove balcony stateroom. The two staterooms that my family originally booked was an aft balcony 8468 and interior 8464. My negative husband and daughter were allowed to quarantine in the aft balcony 8468 after they had packed up all mine and my son's stuff. on disembarkation my husband and daughter disembarked fairly regularly through the crowds and terminal to the secret gate six location that unless you work there you would not be able to find.
  14. The August cruise I am in process of canceling right now as I was traveling with my two unvaccinated children and will not he setting foot on Carnival anytime soon. The September cruise on Norwegian to Bermuda I am traveling with my mother who is 100% fully vaxxed. However the new Delta variant might change her mind, I would still go... I will hold out and make a decision closer to sailing.
  15. Mr Marc, I have also a small business owner and can relate 100% to the challenges and stress of this new world we live in.
  16. Believe me there were tears! My son was very afraid - he caught the horrible virus that we have been trying to escape for the last 16 months. I just want my kids to have the life that they once had and be able to be kids again.
  17. I can assure you I have been to 100 percent accurate and truthful in my account. I want the cruise lines to continue to operate and be successful. That's why I want to give them feedback so they can improve their processes and remain sailing. I LOVE cruising and hope the environment will be good for my Thanksgiving and Christmas cruises!! Hoping kiddos will be vaxxed by then!!
  18. hello all I do know want anybody to get in any arguments. the room service is not a big deal to me at all just a minor inconvenience. The problem is that Carnival has no policies/procedures when a positive case is found. nobody knew what they were doing, you would get three different answers from three different people it was a mess. maybe we were the first two positive cases, but the staff had no idea what they were doing. again the majority of the staff is quite nice I don't want nice I want competent. i also believe they probably didn't assist me at all because they had no idea to assist me. and this is wrong on Carnival corporations fault, their staff needs to be trained on how to deal with this because it will happen on board the ships.
  19. What a terrible situation for all of us I hope you and your family are doing well too! Carnival did nothing I mean absolutely nothing. The only reason they transported us to the quarantine hotel was because I said I would have contract an ambulance and they did not want an ambulance at the port. Carnival does not announce positives onboard the cruise ship and try to keep hush hush. A quote from a doctor in the medical center was " The last thing Carvinal wants is for this to be in the news". luckily we have travel insurance and hopefully we'll be in reimbursed but at this time everything is coming out of our pocket. My negative husband and daughter are also quarantined in a separate hotel room and my husband has been taking good care of us regarding food and necessities. They have to quarantine from minimum 7 days( as long as they continue to test negative) and my son and I 10 to 14 depending on test results.
  20. I'm glad I'm not your spouse as the last thing I want is my husband/daughter to be exposed to us and get the virus! 1800 miles in a rental car serms like a good way to transmit it to them...
  21. Ironically enough I was on the 6/21 adventure of the sea sailing where there were two positive cases that was airlifted home. I am not sure what the Royal Caribbean's rules are in the US, they cannot be any worse than Carnivals because they were completely non-existent it was a train wreck!
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