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  1. We looked over the ships tours of St. Marrteen and found nothing to our liking. Bernard's tours has high ratings so we looked at their tours. Our travel friends and us decided to do a private tour with Bernards. This way we could choose our own itinerary. This worked out very well. Our driver/guide Gerard was very nice and told us a lot about the island and also a lot of personal information about life on the island. He made sure we had as much time as we wanted on the stops we wanted to go, plus added a few stops he knew we would enjoy. We were very happy with Bernards.
  2. DDWW

    Those "service" animals

    My dogs would love the buffet. Then the pool. Then back to the buffet. :)
  3. DDWW

    Funny things on a ship

    We visited a nice beach at one Carrebean island. My wife wanted a nice photo of the beach and ocean. Every time I took a photo some bikini clad young lady (ladies) would walk in front of the camera! Took me a dozen shots to just get one of the beach.
  4. A real cigar bar. With good cigars for sale and bar service.
  5. DDWW

    The best advice you ever got...

    Gentlemen, always make time for bikini patrols. Don't touch, drool or stare over ten minutes. :) OK, seriously. The port talks are usually good. Big sales pitch but can get useful information. Also at sea there are usually talks on, precious stones, watches, etc. again some sales pitch but good information....plus door prizes! ( yes, we have actually won things). Wine tastings, whiskey tasting, etc we enjoy also. There is a fee of course but you are on vacation!
  6. DDWW

    My second stupid customs question

    We brought back several packages of salmon for gifts...only to see the same in our local specialty food store here in Arizona for the same or less price. So it goes. But my wife ( a former IRS employee) documents everything on custom forms, even $2 items, and has receipts ready in an envelope in her hand. In 20+ cruises, they take one look at that and wave us right through.
  7. I knew a Pygmy Doctor who had very little patieces. :)
  8. DDWW


  9. Thanks. My pianist wants "sheet music" . She should be able to improvise from the videos.
  10. my community group wants to do a sketch based on Princes Cruise Lines "If I were not upon the seas" final night sketch. Is that there own composed tune or did it come from another source (musical?) Thought I would ask the smartest folks I know!! Thanks! DDWW
  11. I see this thread is a few years old. Just want to see if anyone had any updates/experience on cruise ship cigar lounges. Thanks!
  12. DDWW

    Captains Table

    20+ cruises for us and never got an invite. Any trick to this? And yes, we do bathe! DDWW
  13. DDWW

    Un-Limited Soda Package

    Just a tip. Go to bar and asked for large drink glass. Go to ice cream station and add chocolate syrup into glass, add 7 up (or Sprite) carefully mixing. Add vanilla or better yet chocolate ice cream.......Ice Cream Soda! Made one every day on last cruise.
  14. DDWW

    Cigar prices in St. Thomas

    I would like to try a real Cuban Cigar at least once. Thanks!