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  1. Thanks, we have a deluxe balcony on Caribe Deck. after we booked the Royal I started seeing so many negative reviews about it being the wrong ship for Alaska because of it's size and lack of outside viewing places, but we decided to stick with what we had booked. Will be sure to bring binoculars.
  2. best part of booking on next cruise is $100 pp deposits; and usually some obc. Research the prices of cruises your interested in before boarding so you have an idea of costs for the ships and cabins that interest you. I generally book on board and have it transferred to my TA; once i had a price drop that was a better deal from when I originally booked it. In this instance i went from an inside to an oceanview; lost my obc but the overall price was a better deal.
  3. POF1234: Thank you for your review, I have a few questions about the Royal Princess. (1) How were the views from your balcony? (2) Did you go to the Lido Deck or Sun Deck for your outside viewing? If so was it easy to move side to side and find a spot to take photos? (3) Did the ship do a 360 turn at Hubbard Glacier? Heard the Royal couldn't get to close (may have been do to weather) how was the glacier viewing on your sailing?
  4. We are booked on the Royal Princess next May/June for a cruisetour. Please consider doing a review of your cruisetour would love to hear your experiences.
  5. I found that I prefer the raw files as it gives me the latitude to tweak the image into what I think the pic should have looked like. I'm often not shooting at the ideal time and am taking shots quickly and may not get the settings correctly.
  6. Nighttime Photos of the fountains in Charleston, SC.
  7. Yes please do a review, we have booked the 17 day Connoisseur Cruise Tour next May and would love to hear about your experiences.
  8. masterdrago; Thanks for the information I currently have several handles a Joby gorilla pod clone and extendable selfie stick. I also purchased the external battery handle by Vidpro from Amazon because i was concerned about being able to recharge the batteries on an excursion. I will be trying it out later this month on a land trip to see how it performs. Also have the chest and head straps. I've only done a few videos so i need to get out and use it more, the plan is for me to train the wife to use the GoPro while i take stills with my DSLR. I have taken a few stills with the GoPro but prefer the results from my DSLR. How many extra batteries did you take on your day long excursions?
  9. Hi really nice videos, especially enjoyed the 5 day land portion one. I also recently purchased a GoPro Hero 7 Black, to take on our Alaska CruiseTour next May/June and have a few questions for you. 1. Are you using Quik to edit the pictures and videos? 2. Are the stills taken with the GoPro? 3. Are you using the GoPro with a handle? or what kind of mount did you use? 4. How did you handle the battery life on your excursions? I wasn't having much luck in editing multiple videos into one longer one in Quik and finally purchased Windows Movie Maker and found it to be easier to use. Again thanks for sharing your videos and looking forward to more of them.
  10. Here is a picture of the fountain looking back toward the port. The blue roofed building is "Festive Place". It's not a long walk between Festive Place and the Fountain; although we had trouble finding the exit from the port. The first gate we came to was the correct one, but was closed with a guard in front of it. It wasn't till we passed it the second time that we saw someone returning and we walked out.
  11. New cruiser with 3 cruises under my belt, purchased DX package with all three, two pre-cruise and one on the ship. Not a heavy drinker so I need to have the price low enough to cover 3-4 mixed drinks per day to make it worthwhile for me. Managed to get the fantastic deal on my HOS Feb 2020 and GOS Sep 2020 sailings, The HOS sailing was going for $57 per day, wasn't going to purchase it at that price. The GOS sailing is a 9 day and I got drink fatigue on my last 9 day, so that one was going to be a hard sell too. But when I saw the unbelievable price of $18, I jumped on it knowing that it was to good to be true. Was really glad RCI honored their mistake; If they hadn't it would have been "Oh Well. win some lose some"; but by them owning up to their mistake along with what I consider more than fair compensation on several less than perfect cruises, It will be difficult for me to look elsewhere for a cruise. So I think it will be a win/win for RCI. Now to find a 2021 cruise to book while on HOS.
  12. Saw this on FB , yelled for the DW to grab my wallet and snatched it up for our Feb 2020 HOS and Sep 2020 GOS.
  13. Ship - Majesty of the Seas Deck - 5 Stateroom # - 550 Stateroom Category – 2N Ocean View Starboard or Port Side - Port Quiet Stateroom? - Yes, did hear person snoring next door at times. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - Yes Balcony View - No Balcony Size? - N/A Was wind a problem? - N/A If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? - N/A Any other comments? - Majesty cabins are on the small size, but we knew that going in. Having the beds together, one side will be against the wall the other side had ample room to get in and out of bed. Storage room was also less than we have had before. This caused the desk to be cluttered most of the time. Location of the cabin was great as it's very convenient to Café Latte-Tudes and the Schooner Bar. Below photos are of the room.
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