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  1. Well, returning to cruising just as flu season hits seems unwise. Since March there's been talk that the Fall would be bad. Considering how abysmally we did in the Summer, I can't see people suddenly becoming vigilant. So the Fall promises to be a challenge already with lots more infected people, and tests often will give a false negative if administered too soon before exposure. It seems like it would be difficult to keep infection from sneaking onto a ship and running wild.
  2. Ah, thanks for the tip. I think we're going to take the FCC, but we haven't found a cruise to apply it to yet. I'm not booking anything until a cruise ship actually sets sail from a US port.
  3. With all of the new covid 19 protocols, I don't think FTTF will matter anymore. If we're traveling in ships that are vastly under capacity and only getting off for organized excursions, I don't think there will be any use for it. Perhaps wait to see what the protocols will be before booking FTTF?
  4. Hi, When I go onto the Carnival website, it shows that I'm cruising in 12 days. I'm pretty certain that I'm not. I though it was funny for the first few weeks that the website still showed that we're cruising, but now it just seems weird. Is their office so bare-bones now that no one is updating things on the site?
  5. I'm not surprised at all, but let down. On the upside, for a few months I had something to look forward to, and hope is a valuable thing. It perked me up to think I'd be on a ship again. Ah, well. There will be other ships and other years. Let's all be glad we have our health and look toward a brighter future.
  6. I'm in the same boat - literally! I would have wanted to get all of my excursions locked in by now, but do I really want to get that much of my money tied up if the trip only gets cancelled? One thing's for sure, I won't be booking anything through independent vendors. If the cruise gets cancelled, Royal will refund my excursions. But some random person/group in Europe? Try and collect...
  7. The port cities really are the problem now. I don't have the numbers, but say you're a port city like New York. Perhaps historically 80% of the folks sailing out of New York were from the Tristate area (I have no idea if this is true). Maybe you'd be like, "okay, let's open the port and have cruises go in and out." But what if historically it was more like 20%? Would you want to be letting/encouraging all of these out-of-towners flock into your city? If I were the mayor of a port city, I'd be really concerned about inviting folks from far and wide to come into my town. Hell, I live in
  8. I've never been on a Carnival winter cruise, but on a Princess cruise that sailed the Friday after Thanksgiving, there was a huge tree in the atrium, some Christmas activities (I didn't partake, but I know they existed) and even a complimentary champagne toast and "countdown" on the second formal night, that fed into a faux New Year's party. It was really lovely. Carnival is a sister company and always looking for a good excuse to party, so imagine they'd celebrate Christmas all December.
  9. Saying that some other countries are also doing a crap job doesn't make us sound any better. We've lost 135,000 souls. That's horrific. And while Europe, Australia and Asia have covid under control, our weekly cases are still RISING. I'm just saying what is obvious. The US is failing to control this on a grand scale. That's why we won't e welcome in other countries. Sorry that you don't like hearing it.
  10. I'm on this cruise, too, so this is good news! That bring said, this country is doing such a piss poor job of containing covid 19, I can't imagine Mexico is going to welcome The Plague Boat. Siiiiiiiiiigh
  11. We're booked for October 12th, but are hedging our bets by not booking anything else. We'll have to drive 7 hours to the port, so, at the very last moment, we'll book a hotel for the night before. We're also holding off on booking a kennel for our dog. But I wouldn't cancel, I'll wait for Carnival to make the decision, which I guess means I'll be paying them the final payment in about 2 weeks!
  12. Eh, if you love a restaurant and want to see them survive, you gotta dig deep. We've been getting takeaway from a favorite restaurant throughout the shelter in place, and we always pay a 20% gratuity even though we're driving over to get the food and no waiters are serving us. We figure, it's not costing us any more than we used to pay to eat there and it'll help the owners stay afloat.
  13. Yes, it will be safe again. Viral plagues have torn through societies throughout history. Eventually, and often quite mysteriously, some go away (think of the "sweating sickness" from the age of Henry VIII that would kill huge swathes people in a day or two, and just disappeared). Others, we create immunizations for, like measles, smallpox or polio. One way or another, this will pass and we will live safely without face masks and social distancing. But until then, we must wait and do our best to not spread covid 19 around. Chins up, folks, this bleak time will pass. 🙂
  14. I think it's better for Venice. The large ships going in and out were causing huge, damaging waves and polluting the water. If taking a train for an hour will help save this imperiled city, then it's well worth it. Sounds like RC is being a responsible citizen of the world, and I find that laudable.
  15. The alarming rise in infection (yesterday saw us break the record for highest daily new infections) is making me fear that no country is going to let Americans in. I have a cruise to Mexico in October and a Mediterranean cruise in May 2021. I keep seeing how miserably we're doing at controlling this virus and wondering who'd let people from Plague Central in? Come on, people. If we don't get this under control, none of us will get to travel for a long, long time. 😞
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