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  1. On 7/23/2019 at 3:44 PM, lpmom said:

    I’m trying to find shore excursions that are reasonably priced for Portland and St, John that aren’t through RCCL. There are only two of us and everything I see is for more people. I’ve enquired on our roll call list but no response probably because only 30 people are signed up.  Can anyone help.

    what sailing are you on? the roll call here on cruise critic or Facebook group for your specific sailing might be more helpful

  2. I'm sailing in October and they sent my change notice back in May. Maybe they're going in order from when you booked because I booked 2 years ago! Here's an excerpt of the notice....


    "Dear Valued Guests and Travel Partners,


    Norwegian Cruise Line has important information for you regarding your stay at the Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii. All guests need to be aware of this change and travel professionals are asked to forward this information to their clients.


    Beginning August 22, 2018, we will begin accommodating our guests at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort. We are working to update your reservation prior to your arrival."


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  3. I went ahead and called the Marriott Waikiki and asked what hours the NCL desk was open. (Which for those of you who are interested are Wed & Fri 2-5pm, Sat. 7-9am. Hawaii time.) I then called back and spoke directly with one of the NCL desk workers. They said that we would receive a letter detailing how the transfer occurs at check-in but basically you leave your luggage in your room and they collect it, then you are assigned a time to be transported to the ship. I explained that we wanted to do an all day excursion and asked if we had to accompany our luggage to the ship. She said we DID NOT need to accompany our luggage, however to let them know that we would not be on the transfer ourselves. YAY!! Big sigh of relief. Apparently people do this all the time in Hawaii, because it's HAWAII!! Who wants to hang about on the ship with a beautiful island to explore?! I'm sure it's different in other ports, but I'm not complaining on this one.....

    I'm sure its different in other ports, but I


    Thank You! I had called NCL and was told I had to be with my bags. I was trying to figure things out since I'm visiting Diamond Head that morning. I never thought to call the actual NCL desk at the hotel. Now I just have to call myself since NCL is no longer using the Marriott but switched over to the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

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