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  1. We’re on Cunard, Roz. As for the Agriculture Canada vet, I’ll have to wait and see. Before the UK relaxed their rabies requirements, once the titer test was done it was simple to go there. With the relaxed requirements, my experience was the vet didn’t know how to fill out the paperwork. Fortunately, I had emails from my contact at DEFRA spelling everything out. We don’t see the government vet until a few days before we go - requirements of travel - so they won’y Be much help with forms. We’re good for England and I’ll deal with our itinerary when it’s closer to the day.
  2. We’re doing a 27 night Southampton to San Francisco Panama Canal Cruise in January, 2021. I don’t live in the States so don’t do Ahpis 7001 but I’ve got no idea what we do instead. I guess I’ll figure it out; we have to see an Agriculture Canada vet before we fly to England. England itself is no problem, my guy has his UK/EU official Pet Passport. Of course, it’s anyone’s guess how that will shake out with Brexit! Time will tell and we’ll figure it out.
  3. The line was for table changes - the wait made longer by a woman who got a last minute “deal” and was arguing about not getting a table for 2 at the window, no less! She was still arguing, with a different staff person, when the line moved about eight people and we were helped. She held up that line for over 20 minutes before they realized she thought she could wear them down so they had someone else deal with her. We saw her in the Lido; she said they wouldn’t give her a table for 2 so she refused to eat in the dining room. 🙄 We booked as soon as the cruise went on sale, early January 2018, and we weren’t placed near the window! Some people are just entitled, I guess.
  4. Our box was initially placed on deck 5. My cabin was on deck 8. A visit to the Purser’s sorted that out. I queued up in a long line to get my table sorted; what a waste of time! Next time I’ll just go for dinner and sort it out then. I should add that I’ve had to do that when I cruised without my dog; using a power wheelchair makes most table locations undoable. Those that are doable seem purpose built for cruising with a dog.
  5. Unfortunately by the time I got a call back from my TA that stateroom was no longer available. The search continues.
  6. Wondering if anyone knows the width of the doorway on Cunard’s Queen Many 2 stateroom 10003? 10003 is listed as a non-adapted cabin, meaning the bathroom isn’t roll in but I think I read somewhere that some of the non-adapted cabins had had the doorways widened from the narrow 25.6”. I think this was an effort of creating a second level of accessibility, especially in light of Cunard’s scooter policy. Any insight would be appreciated since my TA is out of the office today. Thanks!
  7. Have you tried Downey Wrinkle Release? It’s quite effective.
  8. We had a wonderful cruise. Cunard originally placed the toilet box on deck five; we were on deck eight. I went to the Purser’s office and requested it be placed on deck eight, close to our cabin. They took care of it immediately and had someone come to the cabin to show us where it was. The box was 4’ x 4’ with wood shavings. I had brought along a fake grass pad to put inside but Nico went into the box and took care of business before I had a chance! It was like he’d always went in a box like that and I never did use the fake grass. The shavings were replenished daily and the wet spots were removed. We picked up the ‘solids.’ Onboard we booked an additional two cruises; another ten day Alaska and an eighteen day transatlantic. We couldn’t get a wheelchair accessible balcony cabin on the transatlantic - Queen Mary 2 only has three that aren’t Grill Suite! - so we booked ocean view but canceled it after checking the deck plans. A shocking number of accessible cabins on the Queen Mary 2 are regular sized cabins that have had the doors widened and the bathrooms made accessible, which leaves precious little room to use a wheelchair in the cabin! We are looking forward to our booked cruise next summer and hope to be able to book a similar transatlantic cruise in 2021!
  9. Things couldn’t be going better! It’s like he’s always gone in a box. Our fellow passengers are wonderful and are respecting the no petting rule. Back in a week...
  10. Tomorrow’s the day! Packed and in our dockside hotel - I couldn’t be happier! I’ll check in as time and WiFi permit, otherwise I’ll be back in ten days.
  11. I always pack at least three extra days of dog food, on the off chance I may extend my travels. It’s great knowing I have that option. I take advantage of it more often than I like to admit.
  12. “It's 50 at night and 60 days.“ It sounds like long underwear weather to me. 🙂 I’m almost always cold and air conditioning feels even worse! 🥶 Thanks for letting me know. Seriously, checking is a good idea. Are you using a weather app or getting actual temps? I’m packing 10 days worth of food for a 70lb. dog. It IS a lot!
  13. It’s Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth. I honestly have have no idea what to pack for Alaska. Before today I was going around in hooded sweatshirts and wearing socks because it was so cold! I guess I’ll pack all my long underwear.
  14. We went to the beach last night to see our ship pass by. Next week it will be our turn!!! So much stuff, so little luggage! 😉
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