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  1. We did a boat trip so we got to watch the sunset off the back as we sailed back in. It was actually great. Only 8 people on the boat so no crowds to contend with, just a little anxiety about getting back in time. 😉
  2. Just a followup. We found out that the last tender would be at 9:30 for our 10pm sail time. We knew we’d be dropped off near the cable car (a quick 5min walk) around 9pm. Unfortunately you can’t buy your tickets to go back down ahead of time. But because we were the only ship in port and cutting it close, there was no line to buy tickets. We were pretty much the only people on cable car down (we were worried they would wait to fill it but they didn’t), we got to the tender with a few minutes to spare and made it! I had done some research on local flights to catch up with the ship in Athens if
  3. We'll be in Santorini on August 3 on the Norwegian Jade (celebrating my birthday and a bunch of friends and friends of friends have decided to come with), and thankfully, it looks like there will only be one other ship there on the same day, and they leave around 5pm, which makes me think that the cable car situation back down to the tender dock shouldn't be as bad as I've heard that it can be. My question is, does anyone know the last tender time? Is it usually a full hour before sailing time (10pm) or like 9:30? We're going to do our own thing that day, but I don't want to rush back to the c
  4. A sunset cruise by Caldera Yachting. I think 9pm will be fine and maybe even better and less crowded than trying to get down earlier.
  5. We’ll be in Santorini on the Jade in August. It sounds like even though it might be crowded, NCL stays later than other ships. I’m wondering if anyone knows what time the last tender will be. We are looking at a trip that says we’ll be back to the cable car around 9pm with the ship leaving at 10pm. We plan to buy round trip cable car tickets ahead of time but then to just walk down if the line is still long around that time. We are pretty fast walkers so I figure as long as the last tender is around 9:30, we should be fine. I know it will be cutting it close but I’d really like to make it work
  6. Hi! Disembarkation was super easy. We took our own bags and were off in minutes. I was giving our bags to a service to hold at the airport and my husband got in line for the taxis. Be forewarned, if you try something like that, you can’t come back into the terminal. The taxi line was LONG but it was because it was the last cruise of the season. The taxi guys said the week before there was no wait at all. Despite the line which took about an hour, we got to where we needed to be on time.
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