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  1. Don't you all get it? Get them hooked young and they'll be back for decades with their own children.
  2. Thinking of starting to visit a gym while I am on a cruise & just wanted to know how busy they get? Is there a time of day when less folks visit?
  3. Maybe they've worked out most of the bugs? Folks laughed at the idea of the telephone, but you keep improving it and persevering. Is this the final product? Maybe - Maybe not. Some day folks won't be able to imagine cruising without these types of characters making unique interactive experiences.
  4. Folks, I've been critical peeping into what Celebrity has to offer for awhile now. Maybe I just have the benefit of this all being new so I'm not attached to the old styles. The newest ship design looks good - nice and upscale from the photos. Alot of the the reviews and live threads are coming in positive. Seems like a kneejerk reaction to dismiss it so quickly just because it's different. 1. So some folks are not into the new verandas. I can see that there are other rooms available, plus cruises into more winter climates it might be a benefit to have your room closed off to stormy and freezing weather anyways. 2. The Magic Carpet could be fun. What would everyone do on that side of the ship if it wasn't there anyways? It is too open - but the verandas are too closed off... Celebrity can't win. 3. Someone said that the Eden restaurant was full of Fairies and Cavemen. It's hard to tell without being there - but Cindy and I would at least give it a try. There's probably more than meets the eye to the mythos to it all that folks aren't going to understand or feel by just passing through. Here's the skinny: give it time. Disneyland opened with lots of problems and complaints, but it's still there now.
  5. Folks that sounds like my kind of space if I had to pick a cabin.
  6. I want to take Cindy out on a cruise next December, but on a newish ship. Which one would you experienced folks choose? Oceania Rivera 7 Days Dec 15 $1,599 Balcony Celebrity Edge 7 Days Dec 15 $1,659 Balcony It looks early but not all folks are liking the Edge and not all the bells and whistles included on Oceania. Nancyshaw warned me last summer that Oceania was becoming a better deal but I couldn't see it - plus I don't usually dressing up eat fancy critters in upscale restaurants. Reviews are now 1.5 vs 4 out of 5. Maybe she was right?
  7. It looks like the Virgin ship almost. Why is there already graffiti? Looks fancy though.
  8. If Sir Richard won't let everyone drop by on the inaugural cruise, I have a farm outside of Kansas City, MO with a cave that can be set up as a conference room. It used to be an old Halloween Haunted House by the old owners so it wouldn't take too much tweaking to get the proper lighting and seating for folks.
  9. Disposable cups work better for Cindy and I. Keeps the gnats and other critters from flying around.
  10. For all the Celebrity folks driving out of town and visiting family, safe travels. Remember to cook your turkey meat well and stay away from Romaine Lettuce. Thanks for all the helpful advice in 2018. Maybe we'll sail with some of you next year.
  11. Looks like there are lots of better options to consider. It doesn't look like Celebrity is going to work for us.
  12. So far our alternative is to stay home and save the money. 2018 didn't work out but maybe next year - until we get off the couch like other folks.
  13. I've not cruised yet but this is a great gift idea for Cindy. Much appreciated.
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