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  1. Thank you for the additional Koningsdam concerns. We would agree that the nightlight was a nice feature. Also, had it not been for the large shower and great water pressure, we would probably have ranked this bathroom on the very bottom of all our cruises. The toilet knee space was non existent unless you sat sideways. The counter space was the smallest ever for us. We really do appreciate the drawers and additional cabinet shelves in many of the Celebrity cabins. We do agree that they could use extra seating especially in the Rock room.
  2. Re: the crepe station...we never went to the buffet area for breakfast because Club Orange was open every morning including the last day. Yes, we were spoiled. Nice to know the ship has good breakfast options though.
  3. Leerathje, the balcony looks great. We did have room #4181 on this same cruise but “upgraded” to the aft when we booked Club Orange. I really debated if we should change because those 4th deck balconies are huge. I know it isn’t fully covered but i think we would have liked it. I do love watching the wake though.....
  4. Hi Cruising Along, no we didn’t meet Malou and didn’t even see a crepe station. Where was it? Glad the cruise was nicer for you the second time. I do hope we can sail in an angled balcony on that ship or the NS someday. Yes, Miss G, we also have sailed in the angled balcony on the Zuiderdam and really loved the space. We are always researching the big and fully covered balconies since we are real stateroom and balcony dwellers.
  5. So all in all, we really enjoyed the Koningsdam. No ship is ever perfect but there are many things we liked. We have sailed the Noordam a few times, the Zuiderdam and the Westerdam. We do really like the music walk on the Koningsdam. I think we just prefer the balconies and feel of the older ships for some reason. Maybe we will try one of the deep angled balconies on the K or NS in the future. The photo above really shows the angled balconies well and we have our eye on that really deep one! Thanks for reading and enjoying our photos.
  6. Smoking areas on the Koningsdam include: Seaview Bar starboard side and Sun Bar port side. We did smell cigarette and even cigar smoke a few times on our aft balcony. It wasn’t terrible...only now and then when in port. Don’t know what this proves but here are photos of those areas. If you are looking for a smoke free balcony, you might want to pull up the deck plan before making balcony decisions. Just trying to provide information for others as we always think about our balcony choice when considering smoking areas. Seaview Bar starboard side
  7. Thank you for the positive feedback about the photos, etc.
  8. In St Thomas...once again we have been here a few times so the last two times we just walked around Havensight area and then had lunch at Tap and Still in the port area. They are Rock City Brewery and have great beer (we like the IPA) and good burgers and fries. The only photo we took this time was a half glass of beer. Maybe I can find photos from our last trip —oops, no photos from last trip in March either. The burgers and fries are priced very nicely though.
  9. In St Kitts, we opted for a nice walk around the port area and a local lunch. We did buy a few bottles of liquor here because their prices are great. We had lunch in a restaurant above the casino right at the end of the pier. It is called Timo Bar and Kitchen. You do have to walk through the casino and up the stairs to get here. The view from our lunch place, Timo. Conch Fritters and Carib. Life is good! Fish of the day-Snapper. Forgot to take a picture until we had nearly devoured it. Flavor was amazing.
  10. Sail away from St Lucia was so pretty. What an island! After clearing the port area, we headed by Soufriere Bay for some great photo ops.
  11. Drinks were very good at Dasheene and why wouldn’t they be with this view? Soufriere from above A view of the Pitons from the road above Soufriere Anse la Raye The Koningsdam has great lines, doesn’t she?
  12. Back to a bit more on our cruise. We did a private tour in St Lucia with James Tours. We had contacted him before the cruise to discuss what we wanted to do and we firmed up our pick up time, etc. He met us in the cruise port and we were off to see a resort that we have been curious about for years. We went to Ladera Resort in the southwestern part of the island. It is a very curvy road but we loved it. We previously had been on a tour in St Lucia with Cosol Tours that covered many different sites and aspects of the island. But this time we wanted something more memorable. We meandered through many small fishing villages/towns and arrived a bit early for lunch so we sat and had a Piton beer overlooking the most incredible gorgeous views from their restaurant called Dasheene. We toured a room that was vacant and told ourselves that someday just maybe, we might come back to stay at this glorious place. All the rooms at Ladera are extremely private and have walls on three sides but the front is open to the view of the Pitons. Each room has all you could want including a heated pool. Many honeymooners go here. It would be a very costly trip but it is a bucket list item. After touring the room, we returned to the restaurant for lunch. Our tour guide, James, patiently waited for us at the bar area. He will do a group tour or private tour and pretty much anything you want. We were happy with his service and would book with him in the future. After lunch we returned to the ship after stopping a few times for photos. This resort takes about 1 1/2 hours each way. We don’t like to push the all-aboard envelope, so we returned at 2pm when sail away was at 4pm. St Lucia is an extremely beautiful lush island and it was fun to ride around with a local discussing world events and such. Stairs to the restaurant Dasheene The view from the resort and restaurant. Words cannot describe! The resort’s main pool A photo of some of the rooms Accra (fish cakes) with mind blowing dipping sauce Small fresh seafood salad Vegetable and goat cheese flatbread
  13. We did go to Grand Dutch Cafe one day for a double cappuccino but that’s it. We much prefer the Cafe goodies on Princess and Celebrity. We went to the NY Pizza place once for a salad and the Rueben. Sandwich was very small and salad’s lettuce wasn’t fresh. We didn’t feel the 15-20 minute wait was worth it. We were told 25 minutes for the pizza and from what we saw on nearby tables, we didn’t miss too much. We did have a gelato also and that was very tasty although pricey for the waffle cone.
  14. Couple more photos at the beach in Barbados in front of the Royal Sands Beach Club at Dover Beach.
  15. My pleasure Deeni Encinitas. We did have one ottoman that tucked under the chair. Would have loved two but we were thankful for the one as it got used every day. We are voracious readers so spent quite a bit of time out on the balcony.
  16. We had been to Barbados two or three times in the past but have never really done anything except go into the port area shops. Well, this time we ventured out. We took a shuttle to Rockley Beach area but it seemed busy there. Since we were the last people left on the shuttle after the driver stopped at Carlisle Bay to leteveryone off, he asked us if we wanted to venture out a little farther to a quieter area. We said yes! He took us to the Royal Sands Beach Club. We had no cover charge and no charge for using the beach chairs as long as we ordered some items from their restaurant. No problem! Two rum punches please! The staff member set up our chairs under a tree in the shade and soon delivered the rum punches...strong and good with a sprinkle of nutmeg. We later had a very nice lunch. This beach area was beautiful and serene. The water was warm and inviting. Conch Fritters. Very nice. Fish Tacos. Not sure why photo is so small.
  17. One night we went to Notes for Whisky Tasting and this was at 6pm numerous nights. Our particular night we got to choose from 20 bottles of whisky which included Irish, Single Malted and Blended Scotche, Bourbon or Whisky and Rye Whisky. The bartender/instructor was very knowledgeable and passionate about whisky. You got to select four tastings plus he threw in one extra one for free. The price ranged from 25 to 50 depending on the night you chose. Our night was 35 dollars per person. Notes was very enjoyable and we would definitely do this activity again.
  18. We did try some of the special entrees in Club Orange. One dish was a lemon shrimp cream sauce fettuccini. We had that twice and yes, we did like it very much. They changed up the name a bit, but it was the same dish. We had the half roasted Peruvian chicken with a special spice one night and the chicken was tender and very good, but the dish was huge. I don’t think we took photos though. Quite a few nights the special entree was short rib related and we don’t care for short ribs as they often are greasy and fatty. We recall a veal dish one night or more than one night, but didn’t try that either. If we can remember any other dishes, we will mention them later.
  19. We enjoyed Tamarind the first night of our cruise and absolutely loved it. Forgot to mention this in our review above. The service and food were very good. This is one venue we would love to do again. Worth the price of admission! Lobster and Shrimp Gyoza Wok-Seared Lobster and Shrimp with Bok Choy side Penang Red Curry Coconut Chicken with Dungeness Crab Fried Rice side Yusu Cheesecake Satay Sampler
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