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  1. Thanks for the reply, the tip about current roll calls is helpful, never thought of looking at multiple cruise lines!
  2. Hi TeeRick, Apologies for going off topic a bit, but I was wondering how you look at previous roll calls? When I go on Find your roll call, the only date options are in the future. Also when just using the search bar for roll call 2019 for example nothing is returned. Thanks for any help. Tracy
  3. There was a very similar thread about the 'Valentine' menu in Murano https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2723940-tone-deaf-customer-service/?tab=comments#comment-59125426 See comment 12 Have a fabulous holiday
  4. We had our first ever Celebrity cruise on Solstice from Sydney to Auckland in December 2018, it was fantastic!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this photo review before we went, so the links below in case you're interested. Have a wonderful holiday 🙂 Tracy https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2579525
  5. Fantastic photos, don't expect views like this on our Baltic cruise, but I'm sure we'll have a great time, thank you.
  6. Thank you so much 🙂 Great photos. I have just seen that you also did a photo review of your cruise, I've started it but think it may take me a while to finish it! Thoroughly enjoying it and your sense of humour, so thanks for that too. Tracy
  7. Hi there, Sorry to hijack this post, but we had booked a midship concierge cabin on Silhouette for next May and just this week changed to an aft concierge cabin on deck 10, and were wondering if we'd done the right thing. So it's good to see the positive comments and that you loved these cabins! It would be great to see some pics if you are able post some, thanks a lot.
  8. Ok sorry that didn't work, but worth a try, all the best with getting it sorted.
  9. Hi This did happen to us twice, the second time was when I was on the phone to Celebrity and I was told it was because he was looking at my account and only one person/device can be logged in at any one time. The first time my husband was logged in and I was trying to log in separately, so that all tied in with the Celebrity explanation . Not sure if that helps, but hope so. Tracy
  10. Thank you so much for your wonderful report and photos 🙂
  11. Hi nanook21 We are booked on the May 16/20 Baltic cruise, but we booked on board and are in the Uk, so I think the deals differ. Looking at the celebrity website from the Uk, this is what they currently offer if booked before 28/8 in an Ocean View and above, this would include Concierge: They quote the gratuities at $15 per person per day in Concierge. Hope this helps in some way to give you an idea. Tracy A free Classic Drinks Package (worth up to £750pp)* which includes a large selection of beer, wine and cocktails as well as spirits such as Absolut, Gordon's, Boma
  12. I found this on the Celebrity website, hope it helps. Also I'd be interested in the link to register for a ship tour, if you don't mind posting it. Thanks Tracy TIMELINE When can you experience the Revolution? Ship Completion Dates Celebrity Millennium® - 09/02/2019 Celebrity Summit® - 23/03/2019 Celebrity Equinox℠ - 01/06/2019 Celebrity Silhouette® - 14/02/2020 Celebrity Constellation® - 26/05/2020 Celebrity Infinity® - 16/11/2020 Celebrity Eclipse® - 25/11/2020 Celebrity Solst
  13. I've attached a photo of the various 'restaurant' times from a sea day on our Solstice cruise in July, not sure the Silhouette would be the same but this may be of some help hopefully. Tracy
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