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  1. i bought it at 10 and RCL at 32 , so i am really loving this
  2. every cruise stock skyrocketed today does anyone know why? very new to this investing thing
  3. i am pretty confident there will be no sailing in june, i feel your pain im booked for the end of august on encore and have been going back in forth with rebooking vs canceling
  4. called me TA... encore out of nyc for august is very low i upgraded to balcony for an extra 300 bucks when they wanted a 1000 for it back in october
  5. encore out of nyc for august is very low i upgraded to balcony for an extra 300 bucks when they wanted a 1000 for it in october
  6. It must be the corona virus slashing the market but just upgraded my inside stateroom to a balcony for encore from NYC in august through my TA for only 300 extra bucks, they wanted over a 1000 for that upgrade back in October. Wanted to give everyone the heads up that maybe you should contact your TA if you are interested in doing something similar and see if you can grab an offer similar
  7. did you enjoy the vibe, did you feel it was somewhat worth the money, bc i am strongly leaning towards getting
  8. was there just a huge rush for vibe passes or did you not plan on ever getting them.. appreciate you doing this, hope you are enjoying it!!
  9. For sure gonna try and book everything I can ahead of time and then just sit back relax
  10. Sounds like they need to work a few kinks out with the itinerary and the Cruise its self. Happy sailing, I'm sure you will have a good time regardless.. I look forward to reading your review when you return
  11. Definitely something I'm concerned with and why I plan on trying to get the vibe pass, the only saving grace is we will dock in Bermuda for three days so I'll definitely get my beach and sun fix there as opposed to other ships where you stay in Port one day
  12. Anxious to hear your thoughts about it, are you sailing with young kids? .. Enjoy your trip
  13. You are 100% right it beats the hell out of work I guess I was just taken back by the overwhelming number of reviews saying they would never do this cruise again and things of that nature but it makes me feel better that other cruises have not had great initial reviews.. Thank you for that little pep talk lol it helped me
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