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  1. this is huge news for us north east coast folks, after reading the other thread about north east sailings i was feeling depressed. i really need my october cruise to happen lol, its been a long pandemic lol
  2. Looks like it was just August that was canceled
  3. Today i received a rather vague email from my TA that due to a redeployment of ships my NYC 2022 cruise has been cancelled, has this happened to anyone else sailing the joy in 2022. Does anyone know what ship will be replacing it? , my TA computer still showed it was the joy Nevermind it looks like they just canceled for last august only running it in july
  4. I need something to look forward to lol booked a Nyc to Bermuda cruise for 2022 in august with my TA. I have around 4600 in future cruise credit to use but was told on the phone that the 4600 has to go towards the price of the room and nothing else. Is that accurate? i figured any left over money could be used as on onboard credit so i was shocked to hear this and unfortunately the most expensive room I could get without paying extra was 4200, so now I just have 400 floating around. Has this been FCC rule always been like that? thank you for help guys
  5. i bought it at 10 and RCL at 32 , so i am really loving this
  6. every cruise stock skyrocketed today does anyone know why? very new to this investing thing
  7. i am pretty confident there will be no sailing in june, i feel your pain im booked for the end of august on encore and have been going back in forth with rebooking vs canceling
  8. called me TA... encore out of nyc for august is very low i upgraded to balcony for an extra 300 bucks when they wanted a 1000 for it back in october
  9. encore out of nyc for august is very low i upgraded to balcony for an extra 300 bucks when they wanted a 1000 for it in october
  10. It must be the corona virus slashing the market but just upgraded my inside stateroom to a balcony for encore from NYC in august through my TA for only 300 extra bucks, they wanted over a 1000 for that upgrade back in October. Wanted to give everyone the heads up that maybe you should contact your TA if you are interested in doing something similar and see if you can grab an offer similar
  11. did you enjoy the vibe, did you feel it was somewhat worth the money, bc i am strongly leaning towards getting
  12. was there just a huge rush for vibe passes or did you not plan on ever getting them.. appreciate you doing this, hope you are enjoying it!!
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