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  1. If the cruises are sold out and scheduled to depart as planned, why are guests receiving a cancellation email? Sounds like you are saying they are cancelled but still scheduled to depart? The Hawaii cruise leaves from San Diego and all the other San Diego departure cruises in October are still on the website and showing. Granted, who knows how this will all shake out by October, but just odd that they have removed this cruise. If it is going to be cancelled, I wish they would tell us now before more plans are made based around this cruise.
  2. We are booked on the Oct 16th Hawaii cruise on Miracle. This cruise has gone missing from Carnival's website and online travel sites. My TA says it's still there but sold out, but I don't recall seeing sold out cruises disappearing off Carnival's website in the past? I called Carnival directly but the guy had no idea what what was happening with it. He finally just said the cruise was being "updated" but that was two weeks ago. Just posting here to see if anyone knows what is going on with this cruise? All the other 4-5 day cruises on Miracle are still showing in October out
  3. Catching up with this thread, and been watching Royal's website for the mid-June sailings (still for sale). I've not been following the cruise news as much as I should, but what is causing them to push sailings again? Obviously the virus/pandemic, but wasn't sure where the next cruise guidelines are coming from or what's been released? Is there a quick recap someone can give why cruises can't return in June?
  4. There are 9 of us looking for a 3-4 hour snorkel trip in Cozumel in January. Any recommendation on tour operators? It sounds like El Cielo and other reefs may be closed, but hoping there are alternatives.
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