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  1. I would be intrested only if the ship did different ports on the second week. Maybe a different ship on the second week.
  2. I have yet to be on a Carnival ship that has HI speed. Its all Very LOW speed
  3. We had 5 in a cabin on theTriumph it was a cat 12 and it still felt like to many. I would get 2 cabins. Having 2 bathrooms is worth it alone.
  4. I know of another that no one seems to talk about. I got some great video of us pulling into Cozumel I'll have to post. This door is hard to find, but there are a few of us who know where its at. The Inspiration is a great ship
  5. How true is this statement. 1979 was my first cruise and my God has it gone downhill in the last 5 years. Its not just cruise ships, fly Spirit air, or some other low cost airline, its like being in the NY subway. I've never seen as many fights as I do now in the last two years on cruise ships.
  6. Total cost of the cabin = X OK so now you take X and divide by 3
  7. I never seen the electric slide done that way. The people on the Floor that keep sliding back and forth
  8. Sounds like my kids will love the Pride. We sail Dec 26 for New Years. I told the kids we may have to pack for a cold few days on this cruise. I'm sure the 3 hour drive to Baltimore will out weigh the drive to Florida. I rather cruise to Florida than drive to Florida.
  9. My Carnival PVP does one better for me. I called her two days ago to payoff a cruise, and she told me the price went down a few months back and she got me an OBC. I don't even need to check prices weekly she does it for me. I've booked with her over 5 years now and I would never change PVP's.
  10. Me either Pete. next time your on a carnival ship walk around the front on the sun deck. Tell me thats not 1/4 and 1/2 inch steel plates. Aluminum would drive the cost of a ship build way up.
  11. Fold. I find the more I cruise the less I pack.
  12. For me any Carnival ship thats sails from New York all around Italy, and than back to New York.
  13. Everytime I cruised out of FFL there was a Platinum line outside the terminal. Very fast, Very good service for Platinum.
  14. I've been Platinum for a while now. Nothing in my cruise history will say Platinum. The good news is on your next cruise you will get a Platinum card. Welcome to the Platinum club
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