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  1. We were charged £175 each which is roughly £5 more than the price the Chinese Embassy charges for its postal service. I still had to pay for recorded delivery there and for the return too but I assume I would need to pay for at least half of it going direct. The visa company that Viking recommended charges roughly £260 each plus a postage fee. We were told to apply for our visa between 2 and 3 months prior to our trip. I was quite anxious but it went smoothly even though the forms are quite daunting. We even took our photos on our iPad and used a free program to make them the correct size for the visa.
  2. I thought this may be of help to any Brits travelling to China. I was shocked at the price that the visa company recommended by Viking was going to charge so I used http://www.travel-direct.com/visas/china instead. Their price was only a bit more than what the Chinese embassy charges for its postal service with the peace of mind that someone will check your forms through before they submit them. Once I informed Viking that I was getting my visa independently they sent me through a FAQ sheet which basically walked me through the visa form step by step, including all the hotel addresses for our stay. Travel-direct also had a FAQ sheet to double check my answers and the process was quite easy. I chose the 5 day processing and exactly one week from sending my forms off I received my visa. I was very happy with their service and I hope this helps someone.
  3. Our trip starts September 16th and our My Viking Journey page is all messed up too with only 8 of the 13 days showing. But I've been sent our final itinerary and that was fine. However everything I read says Tianamen Square is shut on a Monday yet that's the day we're visiting!
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