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  1. Looking at this review it was not six stars. The review was well written and objective.
  2. O I’m sorry, I did not understand what you said. Please clarify. I get it you are having a good time but some things are lost in the translation.
  3. Chuck and his team are always by your side. We have trusted him for many years. If one wants to under/ Self Insure their travels the onus is on you. If something happens and you don’t have insurance, you have no recourse you are out the money.
  4. Absolutely correct! Even guys with wrinkled shirts and dockers can be pressed or ironed. Does not take long.
  5. Well it seems the majority of cruisers are enjoying their WC which is great! If one wants it their way just simply charter a yacht and be very specific to your needs. When you are on a ship you are in a village like it ot not. The majority of us love Crystal. You always have Azamara to go back to.
  6. I’m, suggesting that age is not a factor. One can still get insurance of course at a higher premium. For instance if you are insuring for example a 100K Cruise and the premium is 5K. That’s a no brainer to me. If you take out cruise insurance with any luxury line you are going to pay a very high premium at any age that would include pre existing conditions. If one wants to lose all their cruise money..so be it.
  7. Your life your family are very important. When you travel Insure yourself for the cruise and medical evacuations. If you are worth millions maybe you don’t care and self Insure your trips. No matter your age or wealth stuff happens on land and at sea. It’s the risk factor and none of us are Superman or superwoman.
  8. We don’t use cruise air travel with any line. We arrange it ourselves or air consolidators it must be First or Business. Our coach days are over with unless we have to fly SW and they are not bad.
  9. We have two land trips and two cruises booked and we are insured by Insure My Trip. We have been using Chuck Burns for years. We are not willing to risk over the course of these trips 300k for a few thousand dollars. Pre-existing are covered. Self insure but you are taking a big risk. Age is not a factor. You can be 21 or 100 and when something happens it’s mostly on you and will not be fully covered by credit card companies. I have heard horror stories. Penny wise and pound foolish.
  10. Thankfully that has never happened to us. Yes, it could happen and a bus could break down as well.
  11. Robin, may I suggest you try another luxury line or return to AZ as you appear to be unhappy with Crystal. It’s simple as that.
  12. Back in the day I would wear shorts and look good in a Speedo but now although slim do not like my legs and my butt is not the same. Where it went I don’t know.🙄
  13. For us tours are too structured. Privately we can deviate if we change our minds about what we want to visit or what restaurant we want to dine. We can schedule our own pickup time and return as well. Private you have more flexibility.on many tours the price can be the same or less than Crystal tours. Private tours you get more personal attention and you are not rushed. Trust me we will not miss the ship as we allow plenty of time to get back. Good travel agents know good tour operators that are trustworthy.
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