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  1. You hit the nail on the head. Couldn't agree with you more. One of the first airplane excursions we ever took was to Taku Glacier Lodge. To this day it remains our favorite cruise excursion. Just incredible, though expensive. Everyone's budget is consideration #1, but if cruising in a balcony room is on your bucket list, then doing it on an Alaskan cruise should be at the top of your list.
  2. We cruised on the Panorama in February. Sign up for YTD, eat early & use the app. We never had much, if any, of a wait. Tell your server you want to make the show that evening. You'll want to get to theater before the doors open, if you want your choice of the best seats. We loved Rock Revolution and Celestial Strings.
  3. Agree with you. We cruised on the Panorama earlier this year in February, which was our second cruise that used this new type of elevator system. We, in general, encountered fewer full elevators and many people, but definitely not all, seemed to be quick learners. It's a significant change, one that some will never embrace or like, but I, too, am supportive of this new elevator technology.
  4. We were on the Bliss to Alaska 5 weeks earlier and had a great time! Hope to sail on her again soon!
  5. We would sail again on the Panorama in a heartbeat. We loved the ship, but that's due, in part, to the fact the theater and atrium aren't as important to us. However, the Panorma's theater, like its sister ships, is substandard. It was small, with many seats having poor "sight lines". And while the atrium was quite beautiful, it was very small and the few activities we attended there quickly resulted in an overflow crowd on multiple levels even before the event started.
  6. 1) Value proposition 2) Trivia (yes, we idolize Alex Trebek) 3) Food options Some people have a negative opinion of Carnival, due in part to their reputation portrayed in the media and their "cheap" cruise prices, but if there's one thing you learn in life after living a number of years, price doesn't always equal quality and the media is seldom objective with their reporting. Simply put, when we go on vacation we want to have fun and be ourselves, both of which Carnival is very successful at, for a very reasonable price.
  7. Our last two Carnival cruises were on the Freedom and Panorama. We loved both ships. Admittedly the Panorama had a few more activities, but those activities were also usually more crowded than on the Freedom. Condition of the Freedom was good when we went a couple years ago. The kids in our group liked the Panorama's Sky Zone trampoline park, which isn't on the Freedom. The shows were better in the main theater on the Panorama, but we had to line up earlier as there were fewer good seats. As for your choice, we would hands down choose the 8 night Southern Caribbean itinerary,
  8. Agreed. I have no problem with this option being offered, as long as it didn't replace existing food options, but my first reaction to this idea was I don't cruise to eat boxed meals. And as pointed out, then there's the trash issues to address. Perhaps this idea would appeal more to children, as an addition to kids menus....
  9. We were on the Jewel many years ago, followed a couple years ago on the Bliss, then most recently the Panorama. Agree with most of the prior posts. The Jewel class ships won't have the amenities & activities of the larger mega ships, so it all comes down to what do your kids like to do aboard ship? How active are they and do they enjoy their food options? Mega ships have more of both. That doesn't mean or the other is better, but rather what do your kids like to do and eat aboard ship? Research what each ship you're considering has to offer, then compare it to what keeps your kids en
  10. Just too many people afraid of needles, including children (who can by symptom free carriers), for that option to be a reasonable, level headed solution. A more subtle, scientific and low key approach would be to make all ice on the ship from a mixture of 80% water / 20% Lysol. Problem solved. Now if Lysol would just cooperate in this endeavor and create flavored Lysol...oops, wait a minute, I've said too much and gave away my Shark Tank idea. 😉
  11. Carnival Panorama. February 15-22, 2020. Good food, fun ship. Feel fortunate to make it back just before all h*** broke loose. Looking forward to booking our next cruise soon, once things settle down.
  12. No advanced screening at the airport, just regular security. Terminal itself was quite busy, once we cleared security. We flew back 2/22, so coronavirus was a concern, but it was over the subsequent 7+ days when it really seemed to ramp up exponentially.
  13. We had a Panorama suite and made this exact same trip to LAX in late February. We were off the ship a few minutes before 8 a.m. Traffic was light, so only about 20-25 minutes to LAX. No airport traffic. Security line was very short, less than five minutes. We flew out on Alaska, a different terminal than American, so I'm unsure what, if any, difference there might be for a security wait. Terminal difference aside, however, assuming your disembarkation is without issue, you have transportation waiting for you and can leave almost immediately, and there are no traffic problems,
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