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  1. I booked in advance via the cruise planner for my husband and older teenagers because I wanted to get a good time (not too early, not too late). I didn't realize it at the time but apparently I booked the "Dragon Fire" / "Superman" / lay down version. They didn't enjoy it, they said they couldn't lift their heads to see where they were going, they could only see below them. Oh well, so much for that $300! 🤨 It really wasn't clear to me that that was what I was booking, I'll pay better attention next time.
  2. Hi, I'm finally getting back to CC after a great cruise followed by a return to "real" life of work and other responsibilities. Yes Tyron was our room steward. He kept our cabin spotless. I really don't feel the need for twice a day cleaning so I put the "do not disturb" magnet on the door most days and only took it off when going to dinner. We DID have the green room divider but didn't use it. Did other rooms not have it? We had 3 Junior Suites in a row and I didn't notice the others being different. We could hear occasional noise from the pool deck above us during the day, it mostly sounded like kids running but it really didn't bother me. I never heard anything at night. I'm a light sleeper and would have been upset to hear noise at night. The bed was SUPER comfortable although the bottom sheets kept coming off in the middle of the night. Why don't they use fitted bottom sheets??? I loved the closet, it was huge, more like a dressing room than just a closet. The shower had fantastic water pressure although it was an awkwardly high step up into the tub (and I'm 5'10"). I know the tub is considered an upgrade in the JS but I'd be happier with just a regular walk in shower without the tub (our kids are teenagers, though; I get it with little ones a tub is nice). I would have no concerns with booking these rooms in the future. We had 14626/14630/14632 for my husband and me, our 2 teenagers and my parents. The balcony is noticeably larger on 14632. Having the balcony dividers opened on the 3 cabins was awesome and so convenient to check in on each other. Happy to answer any questions about this cabin.
  3. I’ll be in this cabin sailing on Dec 29th! I am also concerned about noise and always avoid decks below public areas but we wanted 3 Junior Suites in a row and this was our only option. I read on one of the threads that they added more sound protection to this deck as part of the recent dry dock but would love to hear from recent cruisers. I’ll bring earplugs and look into the white noise app idea. What date do you sail?
  4. Interesting..."Beach Cabana - Waterfront" appears to be a new category. I did a lot of research before booking our "Over the Water" cabana for our upcoming cruise and never saw any info on the "Waterfront" option. I wonder if they built new ones or just changed the designation of certain existing cabanas?
  5. Great! Hope you have a wonderful cruise!
  6. I meant to include the website link but got distracted by my happy memories 🙂 .... http://www.onelovecharters.com
  7. We did a full day charter with Capt Joe of One Love Charters. It was a fantastic day! We taxied from the cruise dock to where the boat is docked at Compass Point Marina. Then the itinerary was totally up to us, we chose to go to St John which is a gorgeous trip across the sound. We snorkeled at Waterlemon Cay (tons of sealife), then took a short hike from there up to a beautiful lookout point that Joe recommended. Next we went to Hawksnest Bay and enjoyed the beach for awhile We ended the day in Cruz Bay at a waterfront bar then back to Compass Point in plenty of time to return to the ship. Joe and his boat are awesome, it's not cheap but highly recommended, we will remember it forever and hope to do it again!
  8. Nothing to see inside the roped off swim area but my friend snorkeled off the pier just past the cabanas, outside the roped off area and said it was fantastic.
  9. From what I've been told by friends who've done it, YES! We'll be there in December and I've booked it for my husband and 2 teenagers. I'm terrified of heights and will be hanging out on the beach 🙂
  10. I will look forward to replies on this topic but having been to Paradise Beach twice before, my kids loved it and we plan to return on our upcoming cruise (our "kids" will be 17 and 19, eek, where did the time go??)
  11. We rented a cabana on our cruise in February. It was a great day. Was it worth the price? Everyone's price point is different, I think we paid $350 but it was worth for me to avoid the crowded section of the beach and to have the choice to alter between the shaded lounges at the cabana, to the hammock, to sunny lounges on the beach. Also being able to lock up our valuables in the cabana was great so we could both enjoy swimming/snorkeling at the same time. The food/drink was from Fat Tuesdays, the waiters were very attentive all day.
  12. When our kids were younger we took the shuttle up to Rainbow beach, it was great. The water was calm, we rented chairs and floats and had a wonderful day. The swimming area was very protected.
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