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  1. We have been there twice in 2 years with our 7-10 year old, service and food are very good. We will be back again for our March 2020 cruise.
  2. We have been there the last two years in March with our kids 7-10. Usually arrived around 10-11:00 am. Never a problem finding a nice place to relax at the beach or pool. No need to do AI you can pay as you go as we do, food is great and the prices are reasonable.
  3. We did PB last march with 5-9 year olds, Loved it! going back next week again.
  4. I agree with the others, Paradise beach is great! We will be going in March with our 6-10 year olds. It's not far from the pier, it's safe clean and the food was pretty good.
  5. Paradise Beach was great! My kids 6-10 loved it. We will be back there next month.
  6. Thanks for the great review! I missed a few days and was able to catch up. You had me at Camshaft! Happy you guy's enjoyed your cruise. Mike
  7. Not so much, unless I could get them for $3 maybe I can learn to like them
  8. How can you compare " Buffalo Wild Wings" pricing with a RCI cruise ?? Do they take you on a 7 day cruise and serve you booze 24 hrs a day? Love to see that!
  9. X2 on Paradise Beach, we where there last March with our then 5-9 year old kids. We plan on going again this March. Mike
  10. Great review so far! Following along and looking forward to our cruise on the Indy in March. Mike
  11. Looking forward as well! We are on board for the March 4 cruise with 2 stops in Mexico. 😎
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