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  1. 2 million to NCL is like a dollar to the rest of us, they wont even feel it... What they'll feel even less is the amount they actually end up settling for after their appeal. FDR will nickel and dime the snot out of us in the meantime, but it will have nothing to do with this case.
  2. Our marine life has a MUCH bigger problem dealing with lost/discarded commercial fishing gear than a plastic straw. The great pacific garbage patch is made up mostly of this, not the straw from your pina colada. I will drink from a plastic straw til the death of me, I just make sure to throw them out in a proper receptacle, whether on land or at sea. Some people feeling "guilty" about having a pack in their home or cabin seems downright silly. Oh well, different strokes I guess
  3. The ship listed 16 degress. This is straight from the Captain's mouth the next night at the Captains Party
  4. I've sailed on the Epic twice. While I'll admit it's a weird ship as far as looks and some of the layout, I don't really have a problem with it either. I don't know why people hate it with such a passion. I stayed in a balcony room the first time, and in the DOS the second time, and I found both experiences to be on par with any other cruise I've been on.
  5. I was just in harvest caye. For me, it was more of a pool/watersports/ziplining day as the beach wasn't my favorite. I would suggest going to Playa Mia when youre in Cozumel. Short walk off the boat to the bus, short bus ride to the beach. If you do this, get the deluxe playa mia package, as it includes a large buffet as well. Beach is amazing, there is a ton of shopping, and so many watersports to choose from.
  6. Very sorry that you had quite an unwelcoming experience. Just know that you could've come on here and said that every NCL employee lined up and smacked you, and provided video evidence, and some on here would STILL jump all over you. Must be something in the koolaid. I've sailed Norwegian many times, currently have cruises booked with them, and as of now, will continue to do so in the future. But with that being said, I have seen and experienced firsthand some absolutely unacceptable customer service on board. Once had a bartender on board tell me the drink I wanted to order was stupid, and why would anyone want to drink that, and he refused to make it for me. I'm a very easy going person, don't expect much, but NCL is most definitely not leading the pack in the customer service department as a whole, but then again I have encountered some amazing staff members on board as well. I even wrote a few nice emails to corporate commending team members on board and couldn't even get a response back. Anything would have sufficed, even a simple "got your mesage". And cheerleaders, before you attack me, yes I did fill out the Vacation Hero cards for them as well, but I felt their service was above and beyond, so their commendation should be as well.
  7. That's what they were doing lol.... I never found out the end result
  8. Correct. And this isnt a fifth hand account bs story that you hear, I saw it and heard it with my own eyes and ears.
  9. Either they will make it a sea day, or possibly dock at the next port a day early. I've missed GSC 4 times, twice was an extra seas day, and twice they went straight to Nassau
  10. I was on the cruise right after this one (jan 23rd out of PC) and the same exact thing happened! This is such a turnoff to me. The lady hit for 10k on the slot machine right behind the coin pusher machines and they were giving her a hard time and ripping the machine apart inspecting it. My friend and I asked the supervisor why they don't rip apart the machines like that when we lose. As of the next day, they still hadn't paid her. This is very disappointing to me, and I lost a lot of faith in NCL. I'm a big casino player, and now I have in the back of my head that if and when I do get that big win, I'm gonna have to jump through hoops to get paid.
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