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  1. 2 years ago we sailed on Allure and had a bartender at our table for MTD. He didn’t know anything about the shot of the day, but the guy that runs the dining room got the head bartender to come to our table and said they don’t do them anymore but they could make anything we’d like and bring them to our table. We had drinks served at our table every night, did not know they got rid of bar table service.
  2. Yes! Each night was a different color shot glass that you got to keep, it was a little extra to keep the glass with the drink package, so we didn’t pay to keep them. We had a group of 18 of us and it was fun to all have the after dinner shot of the day together. So I’m trying to make a good list of ones to give the bartender each night after dinner. And, maybe make a game out of shots for one day that our group will be staying on the ship 🤪.
  3. Years ago when we cruised, Royal had an advertised Shot of the day. Our group would enjoy always having the shot of the day sitting in the hot tub before dinner and again after dinner during dessert. Last time we cruised a couple years ago, they didn’t have it anymore but the bartender said he could make whatever we wanted. Looking for suggestions for a list to bring with us to make our own shot of the day for our 7 day out of Barbados in February. I remember my favorite was the buttery nipple, but can’t remember any others.
  4. Do you know what the “dress code” is it says they have. There’s no info on what that entails, but seeing as we’re coming off a cruise and traveling to Miami, we’d normally be in shorts and tanks…😩
  5. Thanks! I see it will only let us book as early as 12:30, if our flight is at 2:43 is it worth booking it? I was hoping to book earlier as I don't know what we will do once we get off the ship.
  6. Check out Captain Cliff tours, we are booked to do them in February. They do private tours on a boat and go to the volcano and mud baths and will tailor it to what your group wants to do.
  7. How do you book these lounges? We will probably be at the airport awhile before our flight out of Barbados after our cruise and would like to look in to them.
  8. We are on this itinerary in Feb 2022, I am excited for the new islands. I hope it can sail as "normal". We have been to Dominica before and it is my favorite island so far. The Lost World rainforest and gorge 4x4 excursion was amazing! Barbados is a fun island too. We were hoping to fly in a couple days early, but having to fly to Miami to get the air2sea flight we will end up being in Miami for a day and then Barbados one day early and hope to do a afternoon/sunset cruise that Saturday before sailing if I can find something that is available to book. I doubt St. Vincent will stay on the itinerary, depending on logistics that they have to work out, I am guessing it will end up being a float at sea day or maybe Martinique since its nearby and I've seen it on other Royal itineraries before.
  9. We only cruise in January/February. It gets us out of the below zero temps and snow, it's not as awfully hot in the Caribbean, and it's not peak hurricane season.
  10. Our Feb 2022 cruise has typically been advertised at $67. We booked it this last November on the day before Thanksgiving for $46. I've seen it go on sale for $53 quite often since.
  11. My family booked a cruise in December 2019 for February 2022. My brother and his girlfriend of 3+ years booked a room. They broke up. She is now looking to book her own different cruise, as she is obviously not coming with us anymore but dates overlapped. We can’t take her off his room until he has someone confirmed to replace her, otherwise rates will change.
  12. If I have a cruise booked, can I book another with overlapping dates? If I have Feb 6-13 already booked, will it allow me to also book Feb 12-20?
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