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  1. Will they give you a double shot with the drink package? Last ship, Liberty, they would only allow a single shot and then had to wait "10 minutes" to get another. Said that it would be about the amount of time to reach another bar. Told them that was ridiculous.
  2. sross6019

    Navigator help please!

    Will be on the Navigator in Nov for the third time. Love this class of ships. Just large/small enough. There is so much to do or not to do, depending on you. Besides what has been mention, go to the Quest, be early. It is a funny show. Say no to the "packages" they try to sell as soon as you get on if you are not interested. Read and mark on the compass. It will help you plan events and tell you if you need ice show tickets and where to pick them up at.(1x had to have tickets second time I didn't). If they offer the pasta class, take it. It was so much fun. Remember most reviews are to complain. Go with an open mind and enjoy.
  3. Blue Hawaiian or coconut Mojito Sent from my SM-T810 using Forums mobile app
  4. (flame retardant suit on). No you cannot use you r drink package to buy for others. This is the reason everyone in a cabin has to buy on if 1 person does. However like posted, you can use your package you can buy yourself one and then pay for 2 extra drinks. It is a nice gesture to want to buy all drinks but it hurts everyone around. If one is caught buying others drinks with their package, the card is revoked and one looses their money. Saw it happen last year. I recommend like others have, place it on their sea pass of get RCCL gift card. BTW amscene1, I do care. It makes all of us that follow rules get penalized so "your kindness".
  5. sross6019

    Kids Behavior

    May need to look at Voyager class or smaller. Less kids but Voyager has a lot to offer. It is our favorite class. I have seen adults (mainly 25-40ish age) being out of control more than kids. Once on the elevator and had a 25ish man push all the buttons while existing on deck 4 and on the way out stated that he was a kid at heart. Also have seen staff talk to kids and parents. I think it depends on the ship and what the kids are doing.
  6. sross6019

    Miami hotel on Thanksgiving.

    Thank you, I am looking at them also, especially since they have a free breakfast and location.
  7. We will be flying into Miami this Thanksgiving and will board the Navigator the following day. We are currently booked in the Kempton Epic but may change hotels. Looking for one close to restaurants that will be open on Thanksgiving evening. Should we stay where we are or any recommendations.
  8. sross6019

    Seafood Restaurant

    Thanks for the suggestions. He is hoping to have the lobster like he had in St Marteen. He had what they called it "spiny lobster" there. Sent from my SM-T810 using Forums mobile app
  9. sross6019

    Seafood Restaurant

    Will be in Aruba from 0800-midnight. We will be renting a jeep to tour the island, will return the jeep at 1600. Need recommendations for a good reasonable priced restaurant for seafood for lunch. Husband loves lobster. Thanks in advance.
  10. Looks like Miami has proposed to F1 to have a Grand Prix in Miami next year that will utilize the cruise ship pier and causeway. Also will be on part of Biscayne. What will they do for the cruises? Sent from my SM-T810 using Forums mobile app
  11. sross6019

    Money American or Aruban florin

    Thanks for the assurance. Got our International Drivers Permits yesterday and so a sign about exchanging money so we were wondering. Sent from my SM-T810 using Forums mobile app
  12. sross6019

    Money American or Aruban florin

    We are planning on renting a car and driving around Aruba. Should we take florin or will places, other than around the port, take American money? Sent from my SM-T810 using Forums mobile app
  13. sross6019

    Navigator thoughts

    Come join us over at the meet and Mingle if you haven't already. This will be our third time on the Navigator. The first 2x out of Galveston. First time out of Miami. She is a wonderful ship and can't wait to get back on her. I believe one gets out of it what one puts into it. There are a lot of recent positive reviews about her out there.
  14. sross6019

    Renting a jeep

    Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. sross6019

    Renting a jeep

    I have read about people renting jeeps in Aruba and touring the island. Those that have, do you use a specific car company? How late do they stay open? Do you get an international driver's license? If jeeps are not rented, what car rentals are available. We are wanting to drive around and snorkel at various beaches and see the island on our own. We will be in port from 9:oo am to 11:59pm.Any advise would be appreciated.