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  1. I was excited to read that Celebrity has added ballet performances, and I’m sorry they won’t be on my next cruise. I’ve had no interest in any of Celebrity’s other entertainment.
  2. On my first cruise, I had a couple of incorrect charges for minibar items. I think this is a common, easily made mistake, and I highly doubt it had anything to do with not giving your steward an additional tip. I’m American, and I like to tip well for good service, so I had given a cash tip to our room steward (who was very nice and hard-working) in addition to our auto gratuities. But I think it’s totally fine not to add to the auto gratuities, and that should not have been cause for your steward to be vengeful.
  3. At Tuscan Grille on the Silhouette, I was able to order half portions of entrees. That was great because I wanted to try a couple of dishes, but I didn’t want to waste a lot of food I couldn’t finish. The server offered that option without pressure, though; I’m sure I could have ordered full portions of both dishes if I wanted.
  4. When I visited Grand Cayman on the Silhouette in December, my friend asked about tender tickets and was told that they would only be required at peak times. The ship was scheduled to arrive at 7 a.m., and the crew member told my friend that it wouldn’t be busy, and therefore tender tickets wouldn’t be required, until later in the morning. We didn’t have any priority, but we were able to go ashore when we were ready without tickets or a wait. Celebrity was using the local tenders, and they ran very frequently.
  5. I was on the Silhouette in 1106, a C2 on the front slant of the hump, in December. The balcony had a footstool.
  6. My friend and I went to the ABC islands and Grand Cayman on the Silhouette in December. In Aruba, we spent the day on our own. We strolled around and shopped near the port, and then we took a taxi to Eagle Beach, which was cheap and easy. The driver dropped us off at a beach bar where we could rent chairs and an umbrella. In Curacao, we took a trolley tour of historic Willemstad, booked through Celebrity, and then walked around and shopped in the morning. We had another island tour with a beach stop booked for the afternoon, but we decided to skip it and stay on the ship because we were hot and tired. In Bonaire, we did two excursions booked through Celebrity. One was Bonaire Highlights, which was an island tour that covered Rincon, Lake Gotomeer, flamingoes, the salt flats, and the slave huts. The second was a glass-bottom boat tour. I also don’t dive or snorkel, so I chose the glass-bottom boat to see the marine life Bonaire is famous for. i was happy with everything we did and would recommend any of it. I loved this itinerary. The biggest downside to our choices was that our time was tight in Bonaire because we did two excursions and had to be on board at 3:30. That left us little time to squeeze in shopping, and we actually enjoyed the shopping in Bonaire. There was no Diamonds International or the chain stores the Caribbean is known for, but the small shopping area had a lot of local stores and vendors with nicer merchandise than the usual port trinkets. Bonaire is where I bought most of the souvenirs and gifts I brought home, and I wish we had another hour or two there.
  7. The offer available when I was on the Silhouette was a choice of gratuities or an Internet package. A beverage package was not an option, and the offer did not use Celebrity’s usual language of including a “perk.”
  8. When I was on the Silhouette in December (on a Caribbean itinerary, not a TA), they were offering free gratuities or wifi along with reduced deposit and a small amount of OBC for trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific sailings booked on board. I don’t remember the details about which cabin categories, dates, and ships the offer applied to, but it was probably similar to what Goofysmom posted above.
  9. I sailed on the Silhouette about a month ago and bought a four-night specialty dining package in advance. Staff from the specialty restaurants were available in multiple locations to make reservations. There was a specialty dining desk near guest relations. That’s where my friend and I went after our concierge class lunch in the MDR on embarkation day. Throughout the cruise, specialty dining staff were outside the buffet and sometimes near the elevators to offer reservations. You could also go to any specialty restaurant, and the staff there could help you with all restaurants. We didn't have trouble getting dates and times that suited us. The staff told us that 7 and 7:30 were the most popular times and therefore the hardest to get. We wanted to make our reservations for 8 or 8:30, and that was no problem. We also changed our reservations several times during the cruise, and when our ideal plan wasn’t doable, the staff helped us make a Plan B we were happy with. No need to worry about the reservation that Celebrity will make for you for the first or second night. I never even knew what we were assigned. We just went to the specialty dining desk and made all our reservations for the dates and times we wanted. To clarify some points raised in the responses of this thread, specialty dining pacakages can be bought in advance, but specific reservations for the packages can only be made on board.
  10. You will see monkeys. Local men bring monkeys to the port. They will encourage you to take photos with the monkeys, hold the monkeys, feed the monkeys, and let the monkeys climb on you — for tips, of course.
  11. I sailed on the Silhouette from Terminal 25 a month ago. The check-in procedure was the same as I experienced on my previous cruise last year: We checked in and received our Seapass cards at desks.
  12. My first cruise was on the Summit, an M-class ship, last year. I really enjoyed it. The ship had everything I needed, even for an intinerary with more sea days than port days. My second cruise is coming up on the Silhouette, an S-class ship, and I’ve been familiarizing myself with the ship through the deck plans, photos on CC, and reviews/trip reports here. What I gather is that the S-class ships have more of things — more bars, more restaurants, more public spaces — but not much that isn’t available at all on the M-class ships. The biggest difference seems to be specialty dining; while there are several specialty restaurants on the S-class ships, the M-class ships have only two. I would happily sail on the Summit again.
  13. I’ve only taken one cruise so far, on the Summit last year. One of the unpleasant surprises for me was how much sales pitching there was. Every “open house,” “raffle,” or destination/shopping “guide” made me feel like the audience for an infomercial. I’m looking forward to another cruise in a few weeks, but I will avoid these activities and others that I’ve learned are nothing more than sales pitches.
  14. My experience for what it’s worth: I’m taking a cruise to the southern Caribbean on the Silhouette next month. I started looking at this itinerary in late November or early December last year. At the time, Celebrity was promoting what it called its biggest sale of the year, including two perks. I booked a C2 in January under a new promotion, still with two perks but at a fare $100 per person more than I had seen when I started looking at the cruise. I checked prices almost daily until final payment and never saw a better deal. The fare actually increased by several hundred dollars per person, so I’m happy I booked when I did.
  15. Celebrity doesn't require all passengers in a room to have the same beverage package. One can buy/upgrade a package and the other can choose not to.
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