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  1. We got this via voicemail. When I called them, they gave us the choice of a full refund or a future cruise credit. We took the refund.
  2. Just got word today that this cruise is "suspended". I assume that's the same as cancelled. I checked the website and the entire cruise is "wait-listed". But nothing about cancelling the cruise.
  3. Sorry, I just assumed you knew Oceania, oh well. We booked it through Oceania. I am in the United States.
  4. I just booked a cruise for next June and they were offering business class flight upgrades.
  5. I just saw that Princess cruises has changed their dates. They are pausing all cruises in and out of Australia until October 31. Everywhere else, except Europe, is paused until December 15. I don't know why Europe is exempted, but it was not mentioned on the list of places. I bet the rest of the cruise lines will not be far behind.
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