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  1. Please note that per other threads on this board, Viking's payment policy has changed, and they now require full payment a year (or more?) in advance of the start of the trip.
  2. I've had trouble with mild motion sickness on ocean cruises (more so when trying to pack when seas are rough and I can't look out the window). However, river cruising is very different - not much bouncing around or rocking at all. Depending on how severe your motion sickness is, you might want to bring your wrist bands and patches - but I suspect you won't need them!
  3. We've sailed with Viking River twice and booked flights through them both times. We paid the extra $50 per person to choose our own flights, though, which we feel was well worth it. Having ground transfers included was another reason we chose to book through them - getting off a long flight, jet lagged, no sleep, and only needing to find the Viking representative was much less stressful than having to negotiate ground transport ourselves. I don't think we saved any money, but it was worth it to us for other reasons.
  4. We cruised with Viking, but I believe you would only tip Cruise Director and crew for the days you're on the ship, not for days you're touring on land. Similarly, if there's a different person functioning as "City Host" you would tip that person for the day(s) you spent in that city. If Cruise Director and City Host are the same person, of course, you'd tip based on the number of days combined for those two functions.
  5. I fully concur with philw1776! It seems that every piece of information I received from Viking mentioned in some way, but very clearly, that we needed to find out whether or not we needed visas for our cruise. I was surprised at how often the information was repeated.
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