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  1. We cruised in March 2019 on Nieuw Statendam with our twins, who are 6. They ABSOLUTELY loved Club HAL and are begging us to go back on another Holland America Cruise.
  2. Looking in to a cruise over Christmas week, and have a few questions about how Aruba would be on Christmas Day. We would be at port 1pm-11pm and didn’t know if there would be anything to do due to the holiday. Also, for those of you who have cruised over the holidays, is it worth the extra cost?
  3. Aw thanks! We’ve been bringing them to nice restaurants since they were babies, so they are used to it. My boys would have LOVED to be in an elevator with you 😉
  4. I think the mid ship balconies are the way to go, we were towards the front before it juts out and could see in to the corner balcony. We really enjoyed the ship and the captain handled our engine problem flawlessly (constantly keeping us updated).
  5. The played movies that were all available on demand in the cabin, but we had Second Act, Greenbook, Bohemian Rhapsody, Crazy Rich Asians, First Man and I don’t recall the others. We only watched Bohemian Rhapsody. The pool is closed and they add pillows to the loungers. I think there is popcorn and snacks served at NY Pizza.
  6. Yes, unfortunately. There was one night that was smoke free, but you can still smell it. They also allow smoking in the area around the adult pool and it was pretty smoky out there.
  7. People loosened up by the end of the week, I wouldn’t worry about it. Have the best time, the ship was beautiful and the service was great. Enjoy!
  8. There weren't many negative people, but there were a few. Honestly, it was what I was most worried about when choosing this cruise line. "The kids should be on leashes" This one completely took me aback, it was during muster and the kids were attached to our hips and not running around. My husband had a comment to him that the kids shouldn't press the up or down elevator buttons to call for the elevator. I'm not really sure why they didn't want them pressing the buttons, because they were with us and not pressing the incorrect button or doing something they weren'
  9. The hostess at most places asked as we were leaving, but it felt strange that the servers never really were "engaged". It wasn't a big deal, we still enjoyed all of the specialty dining options.
  10. We just returned from St Thomas and chartered a catamaran. Hands down the best money I have ever spend on an excursion.
  11. I am just returning from a cruise on the Nieuw Statendam, my SIL and brother had the Explorer 4 SBP and my sister (over 21) in the same stateroom did not have the package. Nothing was said to them and my sister just ordered drinks whenever she wanted one, as she is not a big drinker.
  12. I just returned from a Caribbean cruise on the Nieuw Statendam and wanted to share our thoughts on this ship, as I have benefited from many reviews posted here from you all. A little background about us, I am 41 years old and my husband is 37 years old, we have twin boys who are 6 years old. We have previously cruised on Royal Caribbean, but were looking for something "classier" with better food and drink options, so we tried out Holland America's newest boat. We also had my parents, his mom, my siblings (late 30s, married, no children and a single sister in her late 30s) and his
  13. We were on the cruise. We received port charges back and $50 per person. It never felt unsafe and the Captain updated us frequently with what was happening.
  14. Hello! I have called ship services and they weren't able to answer my question. For those of you who have sailed on the Nieuw Statendam or Koningsdam, are they able to accommodate 11 people in the main dining room or in a specialty dining restaurant? Ship services said no to the main dining room, but they were unsure of any specialty restaurants. We are looking to keep our group together for the first night and the remainder of the cruise, everyone will pretty much do their own thing. Thanks!
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